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TGIF: Destination Marvel

Take a ride around the Marvel Universe and travel to its most exotic and dangerous locales with your favorite creators!

cover by
Staz Johnson

If you picked up the super cool MARVEL ATLAS this week-and if you haven't, go now!-you got the chance to go on a virtual vacation across the Marvel Universe, from the prehistoric Savage Land to the technologically advanced jungle kingdom of Wakanda and beyond. In commemoration of the release of the MARVEL ATLAS, we asked some of our top creators to book their travel plans and share with us their favorite destinations when it comes to the Marvel U. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

Behold Latveria!

MARC GUGGNHEIM (writer of WOLVERINE): My favorite place is Latveria because it's the only country left where the dollar is still strong. CHRISTOS GAGE (writer of HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS): My favorite Marvel locale would be a tie between the Savage Land and Monster Island. The Savage Land has Devil Dinosaur and dinosaurs in general, but


Monster Island has some really cool monsters with cool names, like Skreeal, who flies around yelling "SKREEAL!" It's a tough call...a giant robot in either place might tip the scales in its favor. In the end, I can't decide-but now I want to write a Savage Land/Monster Island crossover! JEPH LOEB (writer of ULTIMATES 3): The Negative Zone. C'mon! Annihilus! Blastaar The Living Bomb-Burst! The greatest was the first story...second really 'cause FANTASTIC FOUR #51, "This Man This Monster," was

the Negative Zone!

them going into 'Sub-Space,' Stan and Jack not having named it the Negative Zone yet-somewhere Kurt Busiek is orgasming from my micro-knowledge. Anyway, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #6 has them going in and finding Annihilus for the first time and Franklin Richards is born-all kinds of cool stuff! Later we found out there's all kinds of civilizations there which I guess are heading into that great big sun energy field thing that everything gets pulled into-but before that it's outer space without being in outer space! Cool! Just get that damned Area 41 out of there, Millar! Junking up the real estate values!

The Scarlet Witch
atop Wundagore

CHRIS YOST (writer of X-MEN: EMPEROR VULCAN): Wundagore Mountain, hands down. I'm a fan of snow, mountains, and the demon god Chthon. And if Chthulu-esque demons and Darkholds aren't your thing, this fabulous mountain location is also the home of the High Evolutionary, using his super-science to create races of weird cow people. Wundagore was the birthplace of the mutant siblings Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and has ties to all kinds of Marvel history. ZEB WELLS (upcoming writer of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): For me the coolest place in the Marvel Universe was always Excalibur's lighthouse, though I'm sure the fact that it was usually populated by women drawn by Alan Davis had a lot to do with it.

swings through
New York City

MATT FRACTION (writer of THE ORDER): Manhattan, baby, all the way. For all the exotic locales and fantastic sets, for me the Marvel U has always been about the city that never sleeps. I want to live in a New York City where the Chrysler Building and the Baxter Building are in the skyline and everybody has an "I-saw-Spider-Man" story. I also would like to bet all the money in my whole pocket that Brian Reed says "Ms. Marvel's bathtub." C.B. CEBULSKI (writer of LONERS): Does Ms. Marvel's bedroom count?

Ms. Marvel on
Monster Island

BRIAN REED (writer of MS. MARVEL): Monster Island is pretty hard to beat for craziness. Sure, the Savage Land has dinosaurs, but Monster Island has things living underground, in the trees, and three-story-tall beasties that could step on you and never realize it. It's non-stop adventure around those parts. TODD NAUCK (artist of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN): My favorite Marvel locale is the X-Mansion. It's a kickin' place to live and you get to have battles with villains on your own front lawn. And once the place is blown up, it's rebuilt in no time. Insurance rates are probably sky-high, but it's worth it!

One nation
under DOOM!

MARK MILLAR (upcoming writer of FANTASTIC FOUR): Oh, Latveria. Without a doubt. I like the way Doom has the trains running on time and all those cool flags hanging up everywhere. I also like the architecture and proud sense of nationalism in the people. They don't question Doom and that's good. Who would question Doom? He's always right. I'd love to live in Latveria. The people look very happy.


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