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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Legion

The new star of X-Men Legacy takes an odyssey of the mind with five digital epics!

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

David Haller, better known as Legion, Charles Xavier’s son and omega-level mutant extraordinaire, makes his return to the spotlight in X-MEN LEGACY next week. Want to know more about his multiple personalities? Curious about the time he changed the course of history, giving the future to Apocalypse? What about when he rewrote reality into the terrifying Age of X? One thing’s for sure: it gets crazy when Legion shows up!

NEW MUTANTS #26 (1983)

Legion, the mutant with a serious multiple personality disorder, makes his very first appearance in this issue, cementing himself among the New Mutants’ most dangerous, unpredictable and puckish enemies. Capable of channeling a nearly limitless host of alter egos and super powers from his fractured psyche, when David Haller comes calling you never know who you’re going to face.


As the Age of Apocalypse rushes towards its harrowing conclusion, the twice time-displaced Bishop uses the unstable energies of the M’Kraan crystal to return to the moment that started it all. Emerging from eldritch inter-dimensional energies, can he stop Legion from accidentally taking Xavier’s life? And if he should fail, will the final clash between Magneto and En Sabah Nur bring hope and life to the bloodstained epoch, or will Apocalypse’s Darwinian mantra live on? Will only the strong survive?

NEW MUTANTS #2 (2009)

Like a bad penny, Legion turns up whenever the New Mutants least expect it. While Karma fights for her life and sanity against Haller’s inner demons on the mental plane, the rest of the team faces off against Jack Whyte, Cyndi, and the rest of David’s devious doubles in the real world. Unfortunately for Cannonball and the gang, Legion’s learned some new tricks and his personalities want nothing more than to kill the people that threaten their livelihood!


Here in this world of ash and ruins, Fortress X stands tall above the rubble, the last bastion of hope for all mutant kind. Surrounded on all sides by weapons of fire, and death, Magneto and a ragtag band of Xavier’s gifted make their last stand against a world that hates and fears them. Among these final few, Legion stands tall, leader of the Force Warriors who power the stronghold’s telekinetic barriers. But does he play a larger role in this dystopian nightmare?

NEW MUTANTS #24 (2009)

The Age of X crumbles around Legion and Moira, a new personality capable of reshaping reality. As the alternate X-Men fall beneath humanity’s onslaught, the only hope for the mutants lies in Legion’s hands. Can he overcome his most deadly and powerful personality, or will his people face their annihilation at the hands of homo sapiens?

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