Tuesday Q&A

Tuesday Q&A: Chris Yost

The writer of Scarlet Spider winds down his first year with Kaine!



By Jim Beard

Chris Yost has carried Kaine through an entire year’s worth of adventure in SCARLET SPIDER, and he’s now poised to take Spider-Man’s clone into the future and beyond. After the finale of Minimum Carnage, the Scarlet Spider’s life will grow even darker as his writer begins to explore the shadowy underbelly of our hero’s existence

We checked in with Yost to talk about how it feels heading into December’s SCARLET SPIDER #12.1, what villains may rear their ugly heads, and what makes the Scarlet Spider tick.

Scarlet Spider #12 preview art by Reilly Brown

Marvel.com: Chris, what’s it like to be wrapping up the first year of SCARLET SPIDER? What is your proudest achievement with the book so far?

Chris Yost: It feels like a good start. All the pieces are in place, we've had some fun getting to know Kaine and his supporting cast, and now we really get started. I think the biggest achievement is that we're still here! A clone of Spider-Man is a tough sell, but [Spider-Man editor] Steve Wacker believes in the project, and with artists like Ryan Stegman and Khoi Pham, I think we've been able to tell some good stories.

Marvel.com: What can we expect with the end-game to the Minimum Carnage story in SCARLET SPIDER #11?

Chris Yost: Well, it's violent. You can expect that. You can expect both Scarlet Spider and Venom to be pushed to their limits, and shaken to their core. But mostly the art is what I'm excited for. Clayton Crain's cover of MINIMUM CARNAGE: OMEGA is a favorite, and it's only the tip of the iceberg.
Marvel.com: What about the villainous Bruiser—recently seen in DAREDEVIL—made you want to use him and the Hand upcoming?

Chris Yost: I'm a huge fan of Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL. So when someone suggested using Bruiser for a very particular role, it seemed like a no-brainer. You'll see the Hand doing nefarious things in Houston, but the Bruiser's role is pretty unexpected—or, given his character, completely expected in an unexpected way.

Marvel.com: You really shook it up with Houston this year; as you head into 2013, what will we see as far as settings for the book?

Chris Yost: We'll be based out of Houston, but the future brings many new locales: New York, New Orleans, Mexico—Scarlet Spider is going to be well-traveled. But Houston is his home for the time being.

Scarlet Spider #12 preview art by Reilly Brown

Marvel.com: Now, what about upcoming adversaries for Kaine next year? Anything you can tease us with?

Chris Yost: The Hand, the Mark, the Bruiser, the Lobo Cartel, Santa Clause, the Kraven family; there [are] bad things looming.

Marvel.com: Who is Kaine's prime enemy, in your opinion?

Chris Yost: Kaine's greatest enemy is himself. If we're looking for a villain, though, I'd go with the Jackal. This is the man that created Kaine, who set him on a path of death, revenge and madness; he's used him, turned him into a monster—and he's not done yet.

Marvel.com: What else do you want to do with his life in the coming year, beyond villains?

Chris Yost: The goal was always to just give [Kaine] a life. A home, friends—and by the end of issue #12, he seems to have it. So that's when we start the pain.

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