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Week of the Dead

Week of the Dead, Day 5: Mole Man and More

We crack open artist Juan Doe's sketchbook for a peek at FANTASTIC FOUR: ISLA DE LA MUERTE

By Ryan Penagos FANTASTIC FOUR: ISLA DE LA MUERTE sees Marvel's First Family heading to Puerto Rico to tackle both the Mole Man and the chupacabra, courtesy of Tom Beland (True Story, Swear to God) and artist Juan Doe (X-MEN: THE 198 covers)! Check out a bevy of Doe's behind-the-scenes sketches and designs, and see what the creative duo has to say about the Mole Man, chupacabra, the Fantasticar and more!
"Overall, the experience working on FF has been one of great progress," says Doe. "It was my first sequential story to illustrate and I am grateful that it was this book with all of the great elements involved. From drawing Fantasticars and Chupacabras, to creating action-packed fight scenes, it was truly the best ride I've been on this year. I hope the audience has as much fun reading the adventures of the Fantastic Four in Puerto Rico as it was to create it. Big shout out to Marvel, Stephen Wacker, Alejandro Arbona, Tom Beland and the star of the book, Puerto Rico. Esto es pa' mi gente."



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