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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: Damien Sandow

The Intellectual Savior of WWE offers discourse on Survivor Series, Superior Spider-Man, how he would defeat Loki and more!

Photos courtesy of WWE

By Arune Singh

Damien Sandow (courtesy of WWE)

Some men have intelligence. Others get by on luck. Still others possess great strength. But for a select few, like WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, all three attributes come naturally.

The self-styled “Intellectual Savior” of the WWE Universe made his debut earlier this year and has rocketed to the top of his class, teaming with Cody Rhodes in the successful Team Rhodes Scholars. Vowing to bring enlightenment to the masses, the two have made a mark with fans thanks to their diverse in-ring fighting style and ability to execute some fairly uncommon moves—like cartwheels, moonsaults and more.

As a member of “Team Ziggler,” led by WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, Sandow will compete in WWE’s Survivor Series event on pay per view this Sunday, November 18 in a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match. Marvel.com spoke with Sandow about this historic outing, why he doesn’t like Spider-Man and just how he would defeat Loki.

Marvel: Were you a fan of comic book or super heroes in your youth?

Damien Sandow: As a child I was not allowed to read those things. Grandma Sandow would read from the likes of “War and Peace” for my bedtime stories. And as I developed into a teenager, it was something that I never, ever, got the opportunity to dive into. However with all these movies coming out it’s impossible to go outside without being influenced by [them] and I’ve actually seen quite a few: “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Iron Man,” and there is quite an interest. I can only wonder if I was somewhat deprived as a child from being told I can’t read comic books and things of that sort.

Marvel: you mentioned the Avengers film—which of the characters is your favorite?

Damien Sandow: I would definitely have to say Iron Man. And he is definitely someone that I can actually relate to, on many different levels.

The Hulk

Marvel: The Avengers also feature another genius, namely Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk. Do you see any comparisons between the two of you?

Damien Sandow: I have complete control at all times, despite whatever it looks like I’m doing in the ring. It may look from time to time that I’ve lost control, however I assure you it is simply bad camera angles. I am in complete control at all times. That is bad form to lose your inhibitions.

Marvel: Like our super heroes, you fight to create a better universe, with your super powers being your intellect and athletic ability. Do you think these would make you a great Marvel super hero?

Damien Sandow: Well because of this, in a world full of sheep, or "sheeple" as I like to call them, I am a bright light in the harbor of inequity. See, society has fallen so far, yet I have taken upon myself to try to fix people, night after night after night. My words first, and then if they don’t want to hear my words, it’s my actions that do it. I don’t do this for me, I don’t do this for self-gratification, I give selflessly of myself in order to better society. And that is what actually makes me a true-to-life super hero.

Marvel: So if you did become a super hero, do you have a special name in mind?

Damien Sandow: “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” Damien Sandow will be fine thank you.

Marvel: You touched on this, but you have a unique approach in the WWE Universe: you try to reason with your opponents before resorting to fisticuffs. What do you think our super heroes could learn from your approach to conflict resolution?

Damien Sandow (courtesy of WWE)

Damien Sandow: Perhaps before we go banging things with a hammer or flying through the air smashing spaceships and doing lord knows what with lord knows who, we can sit down, and attempt to talk our problems out. Reason should be the spearhead in the weapon of combat. Before physical combat is even engaged, combat of reason and intellects should be engaged, because if we can do that, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble, a lot of physical and mental anguish.

Marvel: So are you saying that if you were in the Avengers movie, you could’ve ended all the trouble with Loki without a battle in New York?

Damien Sandow: Absolutely, yes I can assure you of that, no problem at all. We put the Hulk on a spaceship, send him flying through space so he can’t hurt anybody, then we go and sit down with our adversaries and we just simply map out a plan that is mutually beneficial everyone.

Marvel: Let’s switch gears to the only other man in the WWE Universe you deemed intellectual enough to be your tag team partner, Cody Rhodes. Is there anyone in the Marvel Universe you feel matches up?

Damien Sandow: Off the top of my head, there are flaws with everyone, which is testament to Cody Rhodes in his intellect as a gentleman. I am very particular about whom I associate with, and I will neither associate with a brute, ruffian, or an ill-mannered ignoramus. You know, Cody has all those bases covered in that he is a gentleman, he knows how to conduct himself in and out of the ring and it is a pleasure tagging with him.

Marvel: Now I want to ask you about a new series coming in January called SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN in which someone new will be Spider-Man—

Superior Spider-Man

Damien Sandow: Why is that may I ask? Peter Parker is Spider-Man so how can someone get a costume and be called Spider-Man? If someone got a robe and grew their beard out, could they call themselves Damien Sandow? What is the reasoning behind it?

Marvel: It’s an exciting story that I assure you will answer the question you’re asking!

Damien Sandow: I will definitely have to inquire into this, and I will definitely have to pick it up and read it. I think this should be the first book I read, as should anyone else that has any questions about this.

Marvel: So let’s assume you were Spider-Man—how would you be a “Superior” version?

Damien Sandow: Well first of all, those webs that he shoots out of his hands, everyone thinks it’s so wonderful how he just goes from building to building, shooting these things out of his wrists or hands and runs around buildings, what about the clean-up crew after that? The city is a mess! I would walk everywhere, so as to not litter the city with cobwebs. That’s rule number one. We have to think not in the now, we have to think two and three steps ahead, and when Spider-Man goes around shooting webs he is making the city a mess. And that my friend is not a super hero that is a litter-bug.

Marvel: I never thought of it like that! Now you’re part of Team Ziggler at Survivor Series this Sunday on pay-per-view. Why does your team have the advantage?

Damien Sandow (courtesy of WWE)

Damien Sandow: Well number one because I am on it. Number two, because Mick Foley’s team is named after someone who is not even competing in the match. And if you look at, on one hand you have myself and Cody, and then Kane and Daniel Bryan. Cody and I have proven that we have the ability to beat Kane and Daniel Bryan in the past, you have Wade Barrett, a bare-knuckle fighter versus Kofi Kingston, the man jumps around now claiming he can fly. He actually has a t-shirt that says “I Can Fly”—that’s ridiculous. Does the man think he’s Spider-Man or Iron Man, with his suit on, claiming he has the ability to fly through the air like some kind of a bird? No. Then we have Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton; Alberto clearly demonstrates class in and out of the ring. Whereas Randy Orton names himself after a reptile and then you have the Miz, who was on our team and now switched to this team so the man can’t even make up his mind. So it logically dictates which team will be the victors this Sunday.

Marvel: If you could offer one closing piece of advice to Marvel fans, to improve their lives, to be better people, what would your piece of advice be?

Damien Sandow: Every day one must renew the vows to themselves. Whether it be vows in how you’re going to conduct your life, vows in how you are going to diet, vows into how you are going to conduct your ongoing relationships with other people. Every day is a chance to be great, and every day you should take that opportunity.

Learn more about Damien Sandow on WWE.com, follow him on Twitter, and be sure to catch Survivor Series this Sunday on pay per view!

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