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Unlimited Highlights: FF

Meet the new faces filling in for the Fantastic Four by reliving some of their greatest exploits!



By Ben Chabala

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As the Fantastic Four take a much-needed inter-dimensional vacation, an all-new, all-different host of heroes will take their place. Ant-Man, Medusa, Miss Thing, and She-Hulk answer the call in FF #1, and to bring you up to speed we’ve got five stories here that illuminate these illustrious do-gooders!


The Queen of an alien aristocracy, when Medusa of the incredible Inhumans first met the FF, she actually stood as a foe to the First Family. As a matter of fact, the flame-locked firebrand once ran with a decidedly different crew: the Frightful Four! Alongside the Wizard, Paste Pot Pete and the Sandman, Medusa battled the true FF as their villainous opposites, going so far as to crash Reed and Sue’s engagement party! See what happens when a little teenage rebellion and super strong prehensile hair collide!


While the Trapster attempts to infiltrate the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four, sans Susan Storm, find themselves teleported to the depths of space to do battle in a celestial Secret War. Upon their return to Central Park weeks later, Sue finds Reed and Johnny safe and sound, and the Sensational She-Hulk sporting an FF uniform! Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, needed a break from all the adventuring and, not wanting the team to be without a serious powerhouse, recruited Jen Walters to take his place. It’s the start of an all-new era for the Fantastic Four!

AVENGERS #62 (1998)

Scott Lang, Ant-Man, has no problem throwing down with the Masters of Evil or Taskmaster, but sparring with his ex-wife and Child Services over custody of his daughter won’t be so easy. Forced out of Cassie’s life save for the weekends, Scott heads to Avengers Mansion to join the team full-time, only to run into the angry and irradiated Jack of Hearts. Furious at the cards life has dealt, neither can see their similarities. Will these two bury the hatchet and work together within Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, or will they tear the team apart?


Stuffy scientists afraid of tomorrow, entrenched in the dusty archaic halls of academia won’t save the world; Reed Richards knows that. That’s why he creates the Future Foundation, a beacon of energy and optimism, a blazing light to guide mankind to the future. Mr. Fantastic gathers some of the greatest, most unique minds of the younger generation—including his daughter Val, his son Franklin, hyper-intelligent Moloids, a clone of the Wizard and former mutant Morlocks Leech and Artie—to plot a new scientific frontier. Can these kids save the world from itself?

FF #1 (2010)

With the tragic death of Johnny Storm, the FF decides to take on a few new members, so the sensational Spider-Man ditches his red and blue duds for a slick new black and white getup. Of course right when Spidey joins up A.I.M. frees the Wizard from his remote prison, causing chaos and confusion. The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Wall-Crawler smash some of the beekeepers, but the Wizard escapes, which will undoubtedly mean trouble in the future. But when Doctor Doom appears in the Baxter Building? That means trouble for the FF right now!

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