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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: 5 Killer Cosmic Stories

Space! It's pretty awesome. So expansive and full of mystery... Not to mention the cataclysmically giant battles, unbelievably powerful cosmic beings and righteously awesome stories. With ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST, EMPEROR VULCAN and SILVER SURFER: IN THY NAME all hitting this week, we've decided to shine the spotlight on the following five books currently available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Enjoy!

Fantastic Four #50

FANTASTIC FOUR #50 The thrilling conclusion to the trilogy that introduced us to the planet-eating Galactus and his sterling herald, the Silver Surfer. More importantly, though, this issue marks the gleaming gladiator's first defiance of the Devourer of Worlds. And what follows is, naturally, an awesome fight as the two creatures of the cosmos duke it out with Earth's fate dangling in the balance as only Stan Lee and Jack Kirby could deliver.

Silver Surfer #4

SILVER SURFER #4 Stan and the Surfer ride again, this time with legendary artist John Buscema sitting shotgun. It's a true clash of the titans when the Surfer pits his cosmic might against the immortal strength and godly power of the mighty Thor in one of Marvel's finest smackdowns!

X-Men #107

X-MEN #107 Jam-packed with action of a celestial scope, the Shi'ar make their first appearance here, led by the mad emperor D'Ken as he searchs for the all-powerful M'Kraan Crystal. More than sparks fly as the always uncanny X-Men face one of their toughest tests to date in the form of the Imperial Guard! This milestone issue leads directly into the apex of the classic Phoenix Saga.

Infinity Gauntlet #1

INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 From the word "Go!" you know this monumental crossover is the stuff that legends are made of. With Mephisto whispering in his ear, Mistress Death occupying his heart and the omnipotence-granting Infinity Gauntlet sheathing his left hand, Thanos earns his title as the Mad Titan. With mastery of the soul, the mind, power, time, reality and space on his side, it's Thanos against the Marvel Universe, and the odds look to be in the bad guys' favor!


ANNIHILATION PROLOGUE A corps of Novas zooming to their deaths, Drax smashing his way out of prison, and explosions upon explosions-what more can you possibly want from the book that sparks the latest in crazy cosmic crossovers? Annihilus, you say? Well, look no further, this prologue to Marvel's colossal Annihilation story arc, which offers all that and more!

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