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Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet - Doctor Nemesis

Dennis Hopeless fits the sardonic scientist into this outlaw team!



Doctor Nemesis

By Brett White

There's a catastrophic event in the future of Marvel NOW!, and only Cable and X-Force can stop it, even if it means the rest of the world brands them terrorists and outlaws.

Having made it to the other side of AVENGERS: X-SANCTION in one piece with the techno-organic virus that had been part of him since his infancy absorbed by the Phoenix, Cable has found his brain crowded with visions of the near future. No stranger to stopping disaster before it strikes, Nathan Summers has decided to play messiah one final time.

To aid him in averting disaster, Cable has recruited a ragtag band of mutants, all uniquely suited to the cause. Among those recruits: Doctor Nemesis, a mutant armed with a highly evolved intellect and dual handguns. With his prolonged lifespan, Nemesis has been adventuring for the sake of science for longer than his teammates have been alive.

Dennis Hopeless reveals what has brought Doctor Nemesis to X-Force and the other side of the law. Doctor Nemesis may the weirdest character in CABLE & X-FORCE, because he is a Golden Age Marvel character that Matt Fraction dusted off and introduced to the X-Men. What's your take on him?

Dennis Hopeless: Honestly, I kind of just pulled him in whole-cloth from what Matt had done. There’s actually a very, very deep "Star Trek: The Next Generation" reference in CABLE & X-FORCE #1 that I put in there because he makes a Geordi La Forge reference to Cyclops in the X-CLUB limited series [by Si Spurrier]. I just think of it like bringing a character from one show into another show. That's how I look at it.

Cable & X-Force #1 preview art by Salvador Larroca That’s really awesome. During Matt Fraction's UNCANNY X-MEN run Nemesis was kind of this cantankerous, detached and blunt kind of guy. In your head, what drives him?

Dennis Hopeless: I see him as a sort of pure scientist, if that makes any sense. He comes into the story for a very specific purpose, and as soon as it’s said that Cable needs this kind of brain doctor, he’s like “alright, I’m in.” At that point I think the mad science of the whole thing is what compels him to stick around. After the first arc, they’re all kind of stuck. You can either go to jail, or you can keep doing this with us. Initially I think it’s a pure scientific interest that has him jumping along with all the crazy pre-cog, criminal, saving-the-world stuff. Being a pure scientist, how does he feel about Cable basically saying “I have a mission, trust me on this”?

Dennis Hopeless: None of the characters are really going to like that element, and they’re going to like it even less as it goes along. In the beginning of issue #2, we see how Colossus responds to not having had the whole story ahead of time. Everyone will have their issues with it. The only people that Cable gives sufficient, or even semi-sufficient answers to are Domino and Hope, and that’s because they’re the only ones that can ever force him to talk. The way I look at it, these people are really good at the different things that Cable needs them to do, but they aren’t necessarily going to like it, and they’re definitely not necessarily going to get along in the process.

Cable & X-Force #3 preview art by Salvador Larroca One of the more interesting aspects of this roster is that it has both Doctor Nemesis and Forge. They’re kind of two sides of the same coin. Does Nemesis view Forge as a peer?

Dennis Hopeless: They’re different versions of the same sci-fi character. Forge is sort of the Mad Max, post-apocalyptic “I can make anything out of junkyard parts” kind of a tech guy, and Doctor Nemesis is more of the genetic tinkerer from a more utopian science fiction story. Plus, their personalities couldn’t be any more different. I think having those two characters that obviously aren’t going to get along, and are going to bicker back and forth, but whenever they put their minds together are really something powerful, that’s why I chose Doctor Nemesis. The rest of the team was set and I needed another character. I kept looking around, and I thought “Forge would hate this guy, and Cable would shake his head constantly at everything this guy says.” There’s actually a scene—I think it’s in issue #3—where he says something and Cable just walks away shaking his head like “God, why did I start that conversation?” Doctor Nemesis can also hold his own in a fight.

Dennis Hopeless: He jumps into it because it's a science thing, but part of the reason he sticks around beyond that is because of science fiction. We know he likes "Star Trek: The Next Generation," so in my mind he likes the different sorts of science fiction. This is him jumping into another version of it. This is him sort of getting to play that role of the weird shoot-‘em-up time bandit when normally he’s the guy in the lab solving the problem with science. We’re going to see a different side of Doctor Nemesis that we may not have seen as much of before, and it’ll justify his new outfit.

Cable & X-Force #3 preview art by Salvador Larroca He’s been on the X-Men, he’s been on the X-Club, and now he’s on X-Force. Compared with the other teams, how well does he fit in?

Dennis Hopeless: I think he fits in well with this team because it’s almost not a team. It’s just a bunch of people that Cable convinced to help with something that get pulled together. I try to make it clear in issue #3 that to Cable this isn’t X-Force. He’s not putting together a super hero team. First, he’s got a brain problem, and then he has another problem. He’s trying to solve it in the best way he knows how and that is to get experts to help him do something. The outside world kind of brands them “Cable’s X-Force” because that’s how we think of any team that Cable has. Doctor Nemesis, because he isn’t a super prototypical super hero, fits well on a team where you just have to be good at something to be involved.

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