Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet

Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet - Forge

Dennis Hopeless looks into redeeming the mutant maker and whether or not he can in fact atone for sins past!




By Brett White

There's a catastrophic event in the future of Marvel NOW!, and only Cable and X-Force can stop it, even if it means the rest of the world brands them terrorists and outlaws.

Having made it to the other side of AVENGERS: X-SANCTION in one piece with the techno-organic virus that had been part of him since his infancy absorbed by the Phoenix, Cable has found his brain crowded with visions of the near future. No stranger to stopping disaster before it strikes, Nathan Summers has decided to play messiah one final time.

To aid him in averting disaster, Cable has recruited a ragtag band of mutants, all uniquely suited to his cause. Among those recruits: Forge, a onetime X-Man who has used his mutant power to invent the impossible for both good and, during a recent bout with instability, evil. Now after repairing his damaged brain with the help of Cable, Forge has been drafted into war.

Dennis Hopeless reveals what he has in store for the maker. When I saw the initial lineup, Forge might have been the biggest surprise to me because he hasn’t been regularly used for some time. Every time he’s popped up over the last 10 years or so, writers have kind of made him a punching bag. Bishop did a number on him during "Messiah Complex," and then Warren Ellis did the "Ghost Box" storyline in ASTONISHING X-MEN that made him pretty crazy. How are you dealing with all that recent history?

Dennis Hopeless: We dealt with it a lot in the MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE issue, kind of explaining how Forge went from blowing up in Wundagore Mountain at the end of "Ghost Box," being completely insane and having created a bunch of proto-mutants, to being Cable’s junkyard tech guy. His brain has been fixed. He’s fixed his own brain.

Cable & X-Force #1 preview art by Salvador Larroca

I think the interesting thing about Forge is that he’s got a dark past. His life has sort of been hell in 14 different ways, but he has a really cool mutant power that can be really useful for someone like Cable who’s used to using tech. Forge is really good at building things with guns and bombs, and Cable’s really good at using guns and bombs, so it made perfect sense to slam these two character together. Plus, I’m really excited about showing how cool Forge’s power can be, his ability to build stuff, his ability to look at a machine and reverse-engineer it to see the best way to take it down and the best way to take it apart. I think that’s really interesting as a mutant power. It’s unique, and it isn’t as powerful in a fight, but in planning a fight and putting gear together it’s very useful.

If you cut out everything about his past from the here and now, and think of it as he’s got a checkered past, he’s got a weird past, he’s going through a lot of stuff, he’s done some bad things, he’s done some good things, and he just doesn’t take any [expletive], and then you pair him with Cable, to me they’re sort of like a Clint Eastwood character and his sidekick. Forge is the perfect person to be riding around with Cable dealing with all of this stuff. He talks more and he questions everything, but when it comes down to it, he’s the guy Cable needs at his side. With all that he’s been through, and also not having been on a team in a long time, what is driving Forge to be a part of X-Force?

Dennis Hopeless: He owes Cable a favor. He was basically dead or dying and insane, and Cable came and fixed him, and has asked for his help. At the beginning of issue #1, he asks Cable “What the hell are we doing? You said we were going to do something. I built this arm for you,” and Cable just ignores the question and asks about something he’s built so that Forge gets distracted and talks about that instead. He likes building stuff. He’s the kind of person who, if you give him a task that he’s interested in, he’s going to kind of forget everything else and do that task. Cable’s pretty good at keeping him busy and motivated. Like most of the people on this team, he wouldn’t choose to be on it if you asked him about it over coffee, but that’s not how he got sucked in.

Forge How does Forge view Doctor Nemesis?

Dennis Hopeless: They’re really similar, but Forge is the down and dirty version, and Doctor Nemesis is sort of the snooty nose-in-the-air “I’m above all this” version. They’re kind of just the same person raised in two different environments. Again, when they put their minds together it makes for an interesting duo. From my perspective, it’s really fun to write them bickering while they’re trying to solve a problem. In issue #2, they’re in the middle of an asinine argument, and then some [expletive] goes down and they stop what they’re doing and come together. I think Forge is also perfect for this team because he’s a soldier. Are we going to get to see any of those combat skills or training come into play?

Dennis Hopeless: Yeah, definitely. During the first big mission that goes awry and starts everything off, he isn’t on the ground. He’s the air support kind of guy. He’s back at the base monitoring everyone and getting ready to pull everybody out at a moment’s notice. But that won’t be his role the whole time. Everyone’s going to sort of do what’s needed of them in the moment. So yeah, you’re right. He’s a soldier. He’s survived an attack where everyone else in his unit was killed. He definitely knows how to handle a gun. He knows how to take orders and he knows how to do all of that. He’s interesting because I feel like he’s beyond that. That’s not really where he wants to be, but if that’s what’s needed of him he’s totally capable of it.

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