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Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet

Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet - Domino

Dennis Hopeless talks about the lucky mercenary, her relationship with Hope, why she trusts Cable and more!

Cable & X-Force #1 art by Salvador Larroca

By Brett White

There's a catastrophic event in the future of Marvel NOW!, and only Cable and X-Force can stop it.

Having made it to the other side of AVENGERS: X-SANCTION in one piece with the techno-organic virus that had been part of him since his infancy absorbed by the Phoenix, Cable has found his brain crowded with visions of the near future. No stranger to stopping disaster before it strikes, Nathan Summers has decided to play messiah one final time.

Faced with insurmountable odds, Domino makes the perfect soldier to enlist. A mutant mercenary with a natural lucky streak, she has fought alongside Cable on numerous missions for many teams. But however well she worked with Cable in the past, Domino's now alongside a changed man with a newfound focus and a 16-year-old daughter. Dennis Hopeless reveals what he has in store for the lucky lady.

Marvel.com: Ever since the original X-FORCE ended, Domino has moved from supporting cast to supporting cast, from CABLE & DEADPOOL to X-FORCE to the recent X-MEN series. She’s a mercenary, so why does she keep joining all these teams?

Dennis Hopeless: I mean, the real world answer is people love her, so she’s fun to write. She’s a tricky character to write because her power is really hard. She’s lucky. I like to play with that in the dialogue a lot. One thing that makes Scarlet Witch interesting is that her power’s kind of hard to tie down, so no one knows what to think of her. Domino’s power is even more like that. You’re lucky, so bad things never happen to you? Oh, well, they clearly do. [Laughs] Cable has a bit of that too, where his power set and what we think of when we think of Cable aren’t necessarily the same thing. Most people think of Cable as shoulder pads and big guns, but he’s kind of crazy Jean Grey-powerful with telekinesis and telepathy. Domino’s sort of the same way; I mean, she’s got a very nebulous power that allows her to get in and out of places and do mercenary work, but really she’s just a great mercenary. She’s good at going in and doing the job and getting out unseen, which is fun because there aren’t a lot of characters like that. There aren’t a lot of attractive female mercenary characters in the Marvel Universe.

Cable & X-Force #1 art by Salvador Larroca

Marvel.com: She’s lucky so she could go and win the lottery any time she wants. I feel like there’s definitely something in her personality that makes her choose to be a mercenary.

Dennis Hopeless: I think she gets a kick out of it. If you look at the guys she’s dated, or the guys she’s fooled around with, [you’ve got] Cable and Wolverine. She likes danger. She likes dangerous situations. She’s a thrill-seeker. She enjoys the adrenaline rush. She enjoys doing the impossible and barely making it out alive, which makes her interesting on a team, too, because she’s a little bit of a wildcard. She’s not necessarily always going to do the smartest or the safest thing, but she’ll get away with whatever it is that she pulls.

Marvel.com: She took on a big sister/cool aunt role to the X-Force kids in that initial run. Cannonball, Sunspot, Boom Boom and all of them were basically Cable’s surrogate children, and Domino related to them more like “I’ll deal with you because Cable likes you.” Now Cable has a real daughter in Hope. How does Domino feel about Hope?

Dennis Hopeless: Hope infuriates Domino. She’s so much like Cable that Domino wants to punch her, but because of that she’s even closer with Hope. They’ve sort of just met when my series starts up, but Hope is so much like her dad that Domino immediately has that sort of relationship and will try to play the big sister. Not necessarily a mom role; Domino's not going to try to get Hope in trouble, but she’ll try to help Hope out and help her along as a friend who gives advice or whatever.

Cable & X-Force #1 art by Salvador Larroca

I think Domino’s perception of Cable and Hope’s relationship, and how Cable is dealing with that, and how Cable messes that up, is going to be a big part of the book, because I’m really interested in that. Cable wants the best for her. Really, Cable wants Hope to be able to live a normal life, and this whole thing is that he wants both of them to be done with all this stuff to be able to live a normal life. He doesn’t know how to do that, and the reason Hope's bad at living a normal life is because he raised her. [Laughs] That’s kind of the problem. So Domino can step back and see that, and call Cable on his [expletive]. I think that makes the relationship between those three really interesting.

Marvel.com: At one point Cable and Domino were peers. It’s kind of like they were drinking buddies, and now Cable’s gone off and got himself a kid. The Cable that she’s with now is a guy who’s raised a little girl for 15 years in a far-flung future. I feel like Domino and Cable’s relationship has a different tone to it.

Dennis Hopeless: Definitely. They’re not the same people they were when they were together, and they’re not the same people they were right after they were together. They’ve both gone and had other separate lives apart from one another for years. In Cable’s case, it's been 16 years or however long he was in the future. So, the history allows them to immediately be close like somebody you lived with in college: You can see them 10 years later and pick up the same conversation, but you realize after five minutes that you actually don’t still know this person. You can be very familiar, but they’ve done a lot of things you didn’t see and they’ve changed in a lot of ways, and that makes that relationship really fun.

Especially because Cable doesn’t talk; I mean, obviously Cable does say things, but a big part of the book is that the guy with all the answers refuses to explain himself. The interesting thing about Hope is she’s exactly like Cable except that she always wants to be the one talking, because when she was growing up, Cable [didn’t] talk and there was no one else around so she was the one that had to hold up conversations the whole time. She was the one that had to pull stuff out of thin air. So you’ve got a teenage talkative girl version of Cable running around, and that annoys the [expletive] out of the rest of the team.


Marvel.com: I feel like Domino's probably gone on a lot of “last missions” with Cable before and she has much more of an insight into the way he works. Does she view Forge, Colossus, and Doctor Nemesis almost a little bit warily, like “you guys, I’ve been on a lot of last missions with Cable, this is how these things go.” How much does she actually trust Cable?

Dennis Hopeless: I think she trusts him more than she trusts anyone else in the world. She also knows he’s completely full of [expletive]. He’s deluded. She knows it’s not a last mission, but at the same time she knows he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important. She’s not going to question him on that level. She’s more likely to question him on if saving the world this time is worth throwing away everything that you have that you’ve always wanted. She sort of calls him on that pretty early in the series. She trusts him and she trusts his authority. She’s not going to try to give him away and ruin his place at the top of the pack with the other people at first. Things go pretty badly, it’s pretty obvious from the premise, but they just sort of snowball out of control. She might not be on his side all the way through, but here, yeah. She trusts Nate enough that she’s not going to get in the way; she’s just going to whisper in his ear when no one else is listening, “Hey, you might want to think about this. You’re ruining your life.”

Purchase CABLE & X-FORCE #1 and come back tomorrow for Colossus’ rap sheet!

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