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Meet Michael Morbius: The City

Joe Keatinge paints a picture of the world his Living Vampire will inhabit in Marvel NOW!



Morbius: The Living Vampire #2 variant cover by Marcos Martin

By Tim Stevens

The New York City of the Marvel Universe, like our own, boasts an exciting amount of diversity amongst its peoples. Only the Marvel Universe, however, can lay claim to a Living Vampire in its ranks. While he may wander away from time to time, home for Doctor Michael Morbius will always be the city that never sleeps.

“Morbius is a guy who's looking to hide and there [are] a whole lot of places to get lost in New York,” Joe Keatinge, writer of the new ongoing series MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE, offers as an explanation for the doctor’s enduring connection to Manhattan.

So far, in contrast to his usual luck, Morbius has been relatively successful at using the island’s dark alleys, subway tunnels, and teeming population to achieve a sort of invisibility from prying, possibly judgmental eyes.

“Most of New York has no idea this guy exists for the most part, especially since he's staying in a corner of New York the Marvel super heroes don't really get near,” Keatinge points out.

Amongst those aware that of his presence, however, Morbius represents a very much unwelcome presence in the Empire City.

“Those that know him, hate him,” explains the writer. “Especially that Spider-Man guy.”

Nonetheless, even knowing how the heroes of the city view him, Morbius makes the choice to stay in the Great Melting Pot. As he hinted about earlier, Keatinge has his charge seeking an under visited section of Manhattan to lay his head and begin the work of changing his relationship to his home.

Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 preview art by Rich Elson

“Yeah, [it changes] in a big way—we get into this on issue #1, page one,” the writer promises. “New York's the perfect place for Morbius to start this new era of his life.

“[Morbius] specifically goes to a corner of New York he hasn't been to before, one I don't believe has been seen in a Marvel comic before.”

Unfortunately, no matter how many places New York offers to hide, no matter how isolated or unknown an area may seem, the Living Vampire cannot afford feeling comfortable.

“Morbius never, ever feels safe,” Keatinge declares. “And it's for good reason. Morbius is never, ever safe.”

Pick up MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 on January 2 and rejoin us later this week for more with Joe Keatinge!

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