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Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet

Cable & X-Force: Rap Sheet - Colossus

Dennis Hopeless brings the former Phoenix Five member into the fold, but for redemption or ruin?

By Brett White

There's a catastrophic event in the future of Marvel NOW!, and only Cable and X-Force can stop it.

Having made it to the other side of AVENGERS: X-SANCTION in one piece with the techno-organic virus that had been part of him since his infancy absorbed by the Phoenix, Cable has found his brain crowded with visions of the near future. No stranger to stopping disaster before it strikes, Nathan Summers has decided to play messiah one final time.

Cable & X-Force #1 art by Salvador Larroca

While most of the Phoenix Five have sided with Cyclops in his quest to recruit the new generation of mutants, the once stalwart X-Man known as Colossus has now chosen a solitary status quo. Burdened with the memory of the misguided deeds he committed while under the thrall of the Phoenix, Peter Rasputin might not exactly be in the best emotional state for Cable's law-breaking adventure. Dennis Hopeless discusses the next phase of the metallic mutant's life.

Marvel.com: Colossus is another character, kind of like Forge, where his recent status quo is kind of crazy. He’s spent a lot of the last couple of years being either possessed by the Cyttorak demon or the Phoenix Force. This is the first time in a while that he’s alone in his head, and it’s also after he’s done a lot of regrettable things. How is he coping with that? Does he like finally having his mind to himself now?

Dennis Hopeless: He doesn’t like anything about what’s going on right now. [Laughs] He’s really tortured. The whole Cyttorak thing turned out to be his sister’s fault, so the only person he could trust in the world, that he always cared about, especially after he lost Kitty, it turns out that all the bad things that happened in his life over the past couple years were her fault, and she did it on purpose in order to make him feel what she feels and to ruin their relationship. He’s got that, and he’s also probably the most remorseful character who was one of the Phoenix Five. He’s the one who sees how what they did was awful. When we catch up with him he basically has zero interest in being a super hero.

He doesn’t think he deserves it. He doesn’t think he’s good at it. He obviously has a lot to atone for, and he’s just trying to figure out “Where do I go from here? I owe the world something, but the way I’ve always given it, I don’t deserve to be that anymore. I can’t be that anymore.”

Cable offers him what looks like a solution to that problem, but [that] turns into an even bigger problem or another part of the problem. It’s hard to explain. What Colossus is doing is just working at that factory [from the first issue of CABLE & X-FORCE] so they have an inside man. All Cable asked him to do was to go get a job at this factory, do a job, be a normal guy, and on this day Cable needs to get in. And that clearly goes very, very bad. At the end of [the first mission], Colossus is at a place where he can either turn himself in and sit in a jail cell and think about this stuff, or he can keep going down this path where the world hates him. He has to figure out which one of those is a better way to atone. Colossus is in an interesting place.

Phoenix Five Colossus

Marvel.com: You mentioned Illyana, which, oh man, that was a big blow. Colossus has always been defined by his family, whereas most X-Men are either orphans or don’t have families. Is he going to start viewing any of the X-Force team in that familiar way, or has he shut himself off so much that he’s not going to get close to anyone ever again?

Dennis Hopeless: I think he has a chance to find a new identity within this. It’s going to be hard for him to open himself up and it’s going to be hard for him to find a new identity, but there’s potential there for sure. He needs to be comfortable in his own skin again. He needs to figure out what life is like without Illyana and without Kitty and without all the things he’s comfortable with. This is a horrible way to have to do that. These people have to rely on each other and trust each other in a way that even most super hero teams don’t, because they’re always on the run. They have no one else. Anyone else they interact with they have to lie to or avoid or get in and out because after the first arc they’re the most-wanted mutant terrorists on the planet. The world thinks they’re evil. I think there’s definitely potential for him to find a surrogate family. He and Domino were on Brian Wood’s X-Men team together [recently in X-MEN], so they’ve got a little bit of a recent history. I think she’ll be the first one that he can really talk to, because no one can talk to Cable. There’re definitely plans in the works for character development.

Marvel.com: Out of all of them I would say Colossus has the most super hero experience. He’s never been a soldier and he’s never been a mercenary. He was an acolyte of Magneto for a while, but even then he just lived on an asteroid and kind of hung out. He’s never had to walk this terrorist line before, so I guess that’s going to be a new experience for him.

Dennis Hopeless: Definitely. He’s the one that’s the most concerned about “How much good are we doing? Is it okay for us to walk this line, is it okay for us to risk the lives of these people just so we can do this?” He’s way more morally grounded, at least at first, than everyone else. Also, his power set and what he’s actually good at fits really well for everything they need here. He’s muscle. He’s capable of doing exactly what they need him to do, but his mindset is very much “I’m a super hero,” and not only that, “I’m a super hero who very recently screwed up badly, and I don’t want to do that anymore.” It puts him in an interesting place.

Cable & X-Force #2 preview art by Salvador Larroca

Marvel.com: I’m very excited to read this story, but hearing you say that makes me feel really bad for this fictional character. [Laughs] He’s just been through so much.

Dennis Hopeless: [Laughs] I didn’t start that trend. Kieron [Gillen] hurt him in a way in [UNCANNY X-MEN #20] in a way that I’ll never be able to touch. [Laughs]

It was such a great issue. It explained all the weird stuff that’s been going on with Colossus and his relationship with Illyana, and it sent both of them in opposite directions. I had already asked to have Colossus on the team when I got to read that, and [editor] Nick [Lowe] sent me that script when we were figuring out the team, and I was super excited. I was like “Yes, this is exactly the sort of tortured SOB that I need on my team.” [Laughs]

Purchase CABLE & X-FORCE #1 and come back tomorrow for Cable’s rap sheet!

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what is it with you guys and making colossus evil he is literally the reason i read my first comic, its like every 2 or 3 years he does some evil stuff lol