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Meet Michael Morbius: The People

Get to know the supporting cast that will surround our tragic hero from writer Joe Keatinge!



Morbius: The Living Vampire #3 cover by David Lopez

By Tim Stevens

When one has to contend with the nickname “the Living Vampire,” it stands to reason it would be hard to surround yourself with a consistent group of acquaintances, a situation Doctor Michael Morbius has long found himself in.

Cast out of his most recent home at Horizon Labs, the doctor has been forced to find a new place to belong, however tenuously. At the start of MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE, he, incredibly, may have found just the right place.

“Morbius starts off in Brownsville, an area of New York super heroes haven't even heard of,” says writer Joe Keatinge. “It's the perfect place to hide.

“Well…seemingly. Everything goes so, so wrong.”

Until then, however, Morbius has found a place filled with individuals odd enough that they can all feel a kinship with one another. This connection proves a catalyst for the bereft Living Vampire and he regains a drive that once seemed to have slipped away from him.

“They do inspire him to do good,” explains Keatinge. “But as readers familiar with Morbius know, this just leads to everything falling apart for the poor guy.

“Morbius will find he has a lot in common with a lot of people, which probably means they shouldn't have met.”

A part of this unraveling may be laid at the feet of someone in Brownsville who the doctor feels a quick connection to, one that may obscure the danger this individual represents.

“Morbius sees something familiar in someone he meets early on, someone who leads him to a real bad situation,” Keatinge teases.

Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 preview art by Rich Elson

Keatinge assures those who enjoy Morbius the most when he interacts with the established characters of the Marvel Universe that there will be plenty of that in the book soon for them to enjoy.

“We start off with all-new, all-different, but there are a whole lot of established folks that just can't be ignored,” the writer promises.

To fans frustrated by what remains unanswered, Keatinge has a succinct bit of advice on how they can find out:

“Readers gotta read.”

Pick up MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 on January 2!

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The Living Vampire should use his powers for life.He could be as big as Thor if he goes pro life.


I am so stoked for this comic!my new years resolution is to get people reading this!