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Marvel NOW!

Thor: God of Thunder Sketchbook Pt. 1

Meet the youthful incarnation of the Thunderer in these exclusive sketches by Esad Ribic, with Jason Aaron commentary!

By Tim O’Shea

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER boasts one of the most beautiful marriages of words and visuals in all of Marvel NOW!, with Jason Aaron’s epic scripts being met and matched by the kind of gorgeous art only Esad Ribic can provide.

With the first two issues already available and #3 on sale December 19, three proves a magic number, as the series tells the tales of Thor from a triptych of periods across his long existence.

Esad Ribic recently shared with us some of his designs and sketches for the series. In addition to the art, Aaron provided his reactions to Ribic’s visual treats. In this first of a three-part THOR: GOD OF THUNDER sketchbook, we give you a peek at young Thor.

Young Thor colored sketch by Esad Ribic

Jason Aaron: “Jarnbjorn is the name of young Thor's axe, which in Norse means ‘Iron Bear.’ That axe made its first appearance in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #1, but you can expect it to pop up elsewhere in the [Marvel Universe] as well.”

Young Thor pencil sketch by Esad Ribic

Jason Aaron: “That face says it all, doesn't it? That is one cocky young god—with a very large axe. Looks like the kind of brash, mead-swilling, combat-loving god who might get himself into lots and lots of trouble. In fact, I'd count on it.”

Come back Wednesday for a look at present day Thor!

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