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Thor: God of Thunder Sketchbook Pt. 2

Esad Ribic brings the Odinson into the modern day and Jason Aaron explains the design process!



Thor: God of Thunder sketch by Esad Ribic

By Tim O’Shea

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER boasts one of the most beautiful marriages of words and visuals in all of Marvel NOW!, with Jason Aaron’s epic scripts being met and matched by the kind of gorgeous art only Esad Ribic can provide.

With issue #3 on sale now, three proves a magic number, as the series tells the tales of Thor from a triptych of periods across his long existence.

Esad Ribic recently shared with us some of his designs and sketches for the series. In addition to the art, Aaron provided his reactions to Ribic’s visual treats.  In this second of a three-part THOR: GOD OF THUNDER sketchbook, we give you a peek at the Thor of today.

Jason Aaron: “Esad's take on modern-day Thor manages to combine all the different aspects that I love about the character. He's part super hero, part Viking warrior, part cosmic god. And we'll see each of those aspects at play in the pages of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER.”

Thor: God of Thunder sketch by Esad Ribic

Jason Aaron: “Sleeves or no sleeves? Count me in the sleeveless camp. We'll see Thor sporting both looks in the new series, but for my money, any dude who carries a giant hammer for a living shouldn't be afraid to show off his arms. I prefer the sleeveless look, but the big guy can still armor up if need be.”

Jason Aaron: “We may see Thor's helmet design change from time to time, depending on the battle. This one is probably my favorite though. It looks like a helmet you could take off in a pinch and use to beat a troll to death.”

Come back Wednesday for a look at the future of Thor!

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