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Marvel NOW!

Thunderbolts Files: Elektra

Daniel Way and a professional therapist way the pros and cons of her inclusion on the team!

Thunderbolts #2 art by Steve Dillon

By Tim Stevens

As requested, I have prepared readiness reports on those currently under consideration for the THUNDERBOLTS initiative per the orders of General Ross. Colonel Daniel Way and I performed the following evaluation of Elektra Natchios.

Tactical Assessment by Daniel Way


“Like Venom, Elektra excels at infiltration. Unlike Venom, she doesn’t have to hide to do it. Elektra has the ability to manipulate not only emotions, but perceptions. By the time you realize how incredibly dangerous she is, she’s too close and it’s too late.”


“That she operates in such close proximity to her enemies is as much due to her deep personal desire for vengeance—and to see, literally, that vengeance exacted—as it is to the nature of her tactical proficiency. Playing so close to the fire is sure to one day leave her burned.”

Psychological Evaluation by Stevens

To say that the subject’s personal history indicates significant patterns of erratic behavior would be an understatement. Since the death of her father, Natchios has demonstrated wild swings in allegiances, goals, and techniques. Throughout, however, there been constants. First, she is very good at whatever she sets out to do. Second, she rarely works with others and even more rarely does it of her own free will.

Obviously, her skills represent a tremendous asset to this team. However, her loyalty cannot be counted on long term and it is impossible to predict when or why they might change. A competitor paying more; an attack of conscience; a mission evoking memories of her father or the costumed vigilante Daredevil; all of these have, in the past, caused abrupt changes in her commitment. However, they have not done so universally, so it is impossible to say that if, for instance, someone offers her more money she absolutely would betray the team. At least if that were the case, we would have some sort of expectation for what she might do. As it stands now, she is, of the relatively sane candidates being considered, the most impossible to predict.

There is also some indication that she has certain abilities beyond her physical skillset. Some have claimed they are magical in nature. Whatever the truth, it is clear she is a skilled manipulator. If she turns and needs or wants a partner, history suggests it will take little effort for her to find a willing teammate to jump ship as well. An Elektra rebellion would be unlikely to stop with her alone.

If you are prepared to keep an intensely close eye on her and eliminate her with the first sign of opposing orders or acting unusually, she would make a great asset. If the team is unable or unwilling to do that, however, then it is in everyone’s best interest if she can forgotten and disappeared.

The evaluations conclude tomorrow with Deadpool and you can order issues of THUNDERBOLTS now!

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