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Unlimited Highlights: Morbius

The Living Vampire takes on monsters, zombies and Spider-Man!



By Ben Chabala

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Terrible, unspeakable horrors stalk the edges of shadow, but none so frightening or tragic as Dr. Michael Morbius, the living vampire. A scientist at heart, Morbius rails against his unholy curse and the bloodlust that threatens to consume his soul, and because MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 hit this week, we’ve prepared an awesome primer to catch you up on all of the good doctor’s adventures.


After downing an untested potion created to release him from his arachnid abilities, Peter Parker grows a quadruplet of extra appendages! What would Aunt May say if her favorite nephew walked in sporting four new arms? So the woeful wallcrawler calls Dr. Kurt Connors for a favor. Little does he know that Connors’ empty house in the South Hamptons holds more than just lab equipment—Morbius the Living Vampire slumbers fitfully in the darkness, and he’s not looking for roommates!


Witness the morbid Morbius battling the eldritch energies of Poison Lark and her Demo-Fire cultist cronies to save the life of the innocent Amanda Saint. The inhuman anti-hero descends into the depths of madness and depravity as he clashes with the Demon-Fire coven deep beneath the Ravenwood Cemetery. Unless Morbius can fight his way through the hordes of deranged followers, Amanda will meet her end at the poison-tipped fangs of the demon Arachne. Will the Living Vampire overcome, or will Amanda’s body and soul be sacrificed to the ancient arachnid abomination?


Morbius and his Midnight Sons hunt the decapitated head of zombie Deadpool to prevent an all-new outbreak of undead Armageddon in the Marvel Universe! Alongside the Werewolf by Night, Daimon Hellstrom and Jennifer Kale, the Living Vampire takes to the high seas where flesh-eating Fish-Men ravage a cruise ship, spreading their infection further. Do the Midnight Sons have what it takes to put down an army of amphibious undead?

PUNISHER (2008) #12

Sliced and diced by Daken, Frank Castle finds himself spliced back together by Morbius and the denizens of Monster Metropolis. But before the newly-christened Frankencastle can get back to the business of beating down Wolverine’s wayward son, he needs to keep his decomposing self from falling to pieces at the hands of a crack team of overzealous monster hunters. Can Frank, Morbius, and the rest of the monsters stem the hunters’ technological tide of destruction, or do they face extinction?


Mr. Negative hijacked a vial of Spider-Man's blood a while back, intent on turning it into a lethal biological weapon that only affects the wallcrawler. Pete and the Black Cat went to great and painful, lengths to get it back, and what did Felicia Hardy do after all that hard work? That’s right, she sold it. Spidey wants his blood, but he’s going to have to go through Morbius to get it. And as if things needed more complicating, the Living Vampire’s undead fiancée wants a shot at her ex!

Pick up MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1, on sale now!

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Going to read Morbius tonight. Maybe Powerbrokers can cure Morbius.