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The Savage Side of Wolverine Pt. 1

Frank Cho talks about the pulp influences on his work that helped craft Savage Wolverine!



Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

By Tim O’Shea

The Savage Land—the perfect locale to set Frank Cho’s new Marvel NOW! ongoing series SAVAGE WOLVERINE, set to launch January 16.

This week in a four-part series, Cho discusses some of the myriad elements that organically capitalize upon his own storytelling strengths in crafting this series. In the first installment, he the pulp and adventure influences that impact the SAVAGE WOLVERINE characters and story dynamics. When in the development process did you realize that you wanted to approach SAVAGE WOLVERINE with a pulp/adventure sensibility?

Frank Cho: It wasn't a set decision. It just happened organically. Most of my action stories I write have natural pulp adventure sensibilities—exotic locales, characters with innate moral sense of justice, over the top action and cliffhangers. What kind of pulp stories/authors really struck a nerve with you and inspired you to want to go in this direction?

Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

Frank Cho: I'm a big Tarzan and Conan fan so [Edgar Rice] Burroughs and [Robert E.] Howard are both inspirations. I'm also a big fan of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and other short stories. I think of Doyle as the grandfather of pulp stories. These guys top my list of my favorite pulp writers. That being said, the real inspiration for my writing in general is the TV show "The Twilight Zone".

It pushed me to think outside the box. To twist and turn stories; to dissect ideas and plot points and re-imagine everything. Yes, I can honestly say the "Twilight Zone" had the most profound impact and influence on my writing. Do you get more creative satisfaction out of a project when you get to both write and draw the story?

Frank Cho: Oh, definitely yes. To me the act of writing and drawing are pretty much the same. Having the complete freedom to write and draw your own story is one of the great joys of life.

Tomorrow, Frank returns to discuss the incorporation of dinosaurs into SAVAGE WOLVERINE and his love for prehistoric lizards!

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