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Marvel NOW!

The Savage Side of Wolverine Pt. 2

Frank Cho explains why he loves dinosaurs and what part they will play in Savage Wolverine!

Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

By Tim O’Shea

In part one of Marvel.com’s four-part coverage of SAVAGE WOLVERINE writer and artist Frank Cho explained the impact of pulp/adventure storytelling on the new Marvel NOW! series.

In this second part, Cho opens up about a love near and dear to him: dinosaurs. This self-proclaimed “big dinosaur nut” utilizes the latest data on dinosaurs in the series that debuts January 16.

Marvel.com: It's no secret that you have an affinity for dinosaurs—how much did your research for your other projects help when drawing dinosaurs in SAVAGE WOLVERINE?

Frank Cho: I've been a big dinosaur nut since my days as a child watching those great Ray Harryhausen movies. Yes, doing dinosaur research writing and drawing my creator-owned limited series, Guns & Dinos, did help me with SAVAGE WOLVERINE. Most of it was for visual research of dinosaurs. A lot of the dinosaurs in SAVAGE WOLVERINE are now covered in feathers as indicated by the latest dinosaur data.

Marvel.com: Are there certain dinosaurs that you decided worked best for Wolverine to encounter, or is it a free-for-all in terms of which  may appear?

Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

Frank Cho: It's a little bit of both. I first thought of T-Rex as the main villain since T-Rex is always the go-to bad guy in the dinosaur world. But I quickly nixed that idea. For this story I needed a swift, strong and vicious animal that can go toe-to-toe with Wolverine. So I chose velociraptors. So you'll see pretty intense fight sequences of Wolverine battling a group of velociraptors.

Marvel.com: I'm always impressed with artists that successfully convey dinosaurs and humans in the same scenes, because typically the sizes of the two are greatly different. What is the trick to being successful with challenges of scale like that?

Frank Cho: The trick is to draw the big ones really big to give that sense of scale and awe, and the rest, make them man-sized. There's nothing scarier than seeing an animal stand up and stare you eye-to-eye like a man. 

Tomorrow, Frank returns to discuss the role of Shanna the She Devil in SAVAGE WOLVERINE!

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