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Marvel NOW!

The Savage Side of Wolverine Pt. 3

Frank Cho introduces Shanna the She-Devil into the world of his new series!

Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

By Tim O’Shea

It stands to reason that with Frank Cho’s SAVAGE WOLVERINE set in the Savage Land, Shanna the She-Devil, a longtime favorite character of the creator, would play a prominent role.

Cho relishes the chance to write such a strong female lead to play off of Wolverine. As we discovered in speaking with him, many of the elements, including humor, that make the series so appealing developed as Cho crafted the tale.

Marvel.com: Did you realize you wanted Shanna in this story before or after you realized you wanted it set in Savage Land?

Frank Cho: Again, everything was an organic process. Once I decided on the Savage Land setting, everything clicked into place. I needed a female lead that can keep up with Wolverine and match his savagery. And Shanna fit that bill. 

Marvel.com: Any character male or female is likely to end up being little more than background noise if they are not assertive/an equal when on a narrative stage with someone like Wolverine. What makes Shanna such a great female lead to utilize in a story like this?

Savage Wolverine #1 preview art by Frank Cho

Frank Cho: It was easy. I made Shanna a complete badass just like Wolverine. I also "enhance" the character and have her "bond" to the Savage Land. I'm not going to give anything away but Shanna gets a complete and total upgrade in issue #4 by an unlikely Marvel character. 

Marvel.com: In an October Marvel.com interview about SAVAGE WOLVERINE, you noted humor would be a critical dynamic for the series. How hard was it to find your comedic angle when writing Shanna?

Frank Cho: Humor is a big part of me. I started my career as a humor cartoonist, writing and drawing Liberty Meadows, a daily syndicated newspaper comic strip for many years. So everything I write have some humor in it. [Some] of the best humor comes from personality conflicts. Both Wolverine and Shanna are aggressive type-A personalities, so in some ways SAVAGE WOLVERINE is a story of two highly independent people tied together by the common goal of surviving the island.

Tomorrow, Frank wraps up the SAVAGE WOLVERINE discussion by shedding light on the Savage Land itself!

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