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Marvel NOW!

Young Avengers: Youth Movement Pt. 2

Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen delve into depicting magic and the differences between Wiccan and Loki!

Young Avengers #1 preview pencils by Jamie McKelvie

By Carla Hoffman

Magic can be lawless, dangerous and even all-powerful in the wrong hands. Science may be constrained by the laws of time and space, but magic simply breaks all the rules and enters into bold new territory every time it's evoked.

The Young Avengers have two magic users on the team in Wiccan and Loki, both potentially powerful and extra dangerous. How will they use magic to change the world? Read on and find out from YOUNG AVENGERS artist Jamie McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen!

Marvel.com: Magic has always been a sticking point in Marvel, both infinitely powerful and immense in scope, but difficult to represent on the page. A lot of people shy away from it, but both of you have tackled it head on. Between Loki and Wiccan, how does their magic differ visually?

Jamie McKelvie: Wow, yeah, we’ve definitely thought about the visuals of each person’s powers.

Young Avengers #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie

Kieron Gillen: They're reality warpers. That's the thing; Wiccan is kind of a reality warper, that’s my general way of phrasing it.

I don’t want to give away the plot too much but there’s the sense that Loki is not working on his full power. And while Wiccan is all power and not enough experience, Loki is has all the experience and not enough power. And that's the kind of dynamic.

There's one page where you see how Wiccan is manipulating the world around him. That’s reality warping, using the flat shapes of the panel, as a device to talk about reality changing. This is one of the things I think about a lot, the tactility of powers. Two dudes who are super strong doesn’t necessarily mean doesn’t mean that they are the same. The way the Thor is strong is different to how the Hulk is strong is different to, say, how Iron Man is strong because they are all actualities in a different way.

Young Avengers #2 cover by Jamie McKelvie

Jamie McKelvie: So like, one of the things we're doing with Loki, because he’s not running at full strength, it’s very subtle; there’s a little glow about his hands when he’s doing his magic spells which is much less sort of overtly visual then Wiccan’s powers which is like there’s like blue light and glowing forms around his hands and like you said rearranging reality. So it’s definitely important that the visuals reflect the different types of power they have and the different types of magic they have.

Kieron Gillen: With Wiccan, it’s like all the stuff zooming around him are angles, as opposed to other magic users who would all be very blocky around it, as if they were in control. With Wiccan it’s like confetti, sort of flipping and turning around him. It’s the whole idea of “Yes, he’s phenomenally powerful, but it’s not like he’s Dr. Strange.”

Tomorrow, get set to understand how Gillen and McKelvie approach the shape-shifting fluidity and pure power of Hulkling!

YOUNG AVENGERS #1 debuts January 23.

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