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Marvel NOW!

Young Avengers: Youth Movement Pt. 3

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie dig into the dynamics of shape shifting with Hulkling!

Young Avengers #1 preview pencils by Jamie McKelvie

By Carla Hoffman

Who do you become when you could be anyone? What artistic pitfalls do you find when plotting out a page of script? 

We continue our talk with artist Jamie McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen about early art and preview pages from YOUNG AVENGERS, the latest and NOW!-est of all Avengers titles and perhaps the entirety of the Marvel Universe! 

Marvel.com: Speaking of different representations of power, let’s talk about shape shifters. How much have you been able to play around with Hulkling and his Skrull-based powers?

Jamie McKelvie: We’ve had a lot of fun with that. It’s going to be interesting, because the pencils to the inks, there's a little bit of change. Especially there [are] these two panels at the end, we felt there wasn’t enough of an indication that it was him changing. Which is quite an interesting thing to try and get right in comics because shape shifting is something obviously that happens over time to the characters, whereas when you’re trying to get those frozen moments in time where you do show that in comics can be quite difficult. So there is a little bit of a panel in between for the inks, which is a close up of his face, changing between the two.

Young Avengers #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie

I think this might be the first time I’ve drawn a shape changer, so it’s one of those things I never had to think about before. And it is quite interesting, because you have to think of ways to show that thing differently each time.

Kieron Gillen: It’s weird though, because this scene, it’s fairly obviously Hulkling pretending to be Spider-Man and going and doing secret hero-ing, but it’s kind of the most archetypal—or cliché depending on how generous you're going to be—super-heroing: it's Spider-Man, in an alleyway stopping muggers and that's kind of our first scene in New York proper. So the way we present it isn't like one of the action scenes we do, the big music video scenes. This is actually presented prosaically, as in this is kind of like normal life, this is kind of what you've seen before. It's undercutting the drama, and deliberately so. This is just Hulkling's life. 

Tomorrow, Gillen and McKelvie delve into world-building, costume and much more!

YOUNG AVENGERS #1 debuts January 23.

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