New Warriors: Out with the Old Pt. 1

As they prepare to face their group’s past, we stack the new New Warriors up against their predecessors



By Ben Morse

cover by
Nic Klein

From the ashes of the original New Warriors and their tragic involvement in igniting Civil War, a new team has emerged claiming the controversial name as their own and rebelling against the authority that Tony Stark and his Initiative present. However, beginning with NEW WARRIORS #7, hitting stands December 26 courtesy of writer Kevin Grevioux and guest artist Jon Malin, the new group must face the legacy they're living as surviving members of the original New Warriors start to ask the tough questions. While both yesterday and today's New Warriors squads consist of young heroes and boast a leader by the name of Night Thrasher—with the current holder of the identity maybe and maybe not the thought-to-be deceased original—the similarities more or less stop there. For one thing, the old Warriors fought alongside "establishment" teams like the Avengers, but then again they lived in a very different Marvel Universe. Another major factor separating the New Warriors past and present: the original group simply provided a place for teenagers and 20-somethings with super powers (usually) to hang. In contrast, Night Thrasher's new team serves as a haven for mutants depowered by the Scarlet Witch on M-Day. He then provides them with technology to replace their powers and gives them the means to fight the good fight.

interior art by
Jon Malin

So as always, when two distinct individuals or group share a common name, one question naturally arises: who would win? If the New Warriors of yesteryear came to odds with the kids currently using their collective identity who would prevail? With NEW WARRIORS #7 looking as though it may start to answer that very question, decided to stack up members of both teams in some one-on-one battles to see which Warriors have the edge. Check out these first four matchups today and come back tomorrow for part two. WONDRA VS ULTRA GIRL


Wondra The Basics: For years, Jubilation Lee put the pyrokinetic "fireworks" her mutant abilities allowed her to create to good use as a member of the X-Men and Generation X. As Wondra, she gains super strength via armored gauntlets and employs Pym particles to alter her size. Greatest Asset: Wondra has years of training from the X-Men in general and Wolverine in specific, so she knows how to throw down. Achilles Heel: The former Jubilee's experience edge also works the other way as she's more used to having powers to fall back on than some of her teammates.

Ultra Girl

Ultra Girl The Basics: A mutant Kree, Suzy Sherman grew up unaware of her alien heritage and only learned the truth upon hitting puberty and developing super strength, the ability to fly and more. As Ultra Girl, Suzy briefly joined the New Warriors, but recently joined the Initiative following the Civil War. Greatest Asset: When it comes to pure brute strength, Ultra Girl could rival the likes of She-Hulk with the proper training… Achilles Heel: …but she's yet to get that training. The Initiative will eventually make Ultra Girl a force to be reckoned with, but she's not quite there yet. Winner: WONDRA Former Wolverine sidekicks find ways to eat rookies for lunch, no matter how much of a punch they pack. TEMPEST VS FIRESTAR Tempest


The Basics: Angel Salvadore found herself a reluctant student at the Xavier Institute after her mutant abilities manifested in the form of insectoid wings and acidic vomit. Ill-tempered, Angel softened upon finding love with fellow outcast Beak and giving birth to several of his children. In her new role as Tempest, Angel uses technological means to create extreme heat and cold. Greatest Asset: She may be nicer now, but Angel still possesses a scrapper mentality at heart and will fight hard with her back against the wall. Achilles Heel: Even before she lost her powers, Angel never logged much time in the Danger Room or on the battlefield.


Firestar The Basics: Potentially one of the most powerful mutants on earth with her ability to emit and manipulate microwave energy, Angelica Jones fell under the sway of the then-villainous Emma Frost as a teenager, but broke free to become one of the charter New Warriors and later join the Avengers. Firestar retired in the wake of Civil War. Greatest Asset: Simply put, very little can withstand Firestar cutting loose at full power, but she's gotten good enough with her abilities over the years that she rarely has to go there. Achilles Heel: Angelica has one of the purest hearts you'll find, which unfortunately makes her fairly susceptible to opponents willing to fight dirty. Winner: FIRESTAR Putting their track records head to head, Angel doesn't stand a chance, even if she does decide to cheat. DECIBEL VS JUSTICE


Decibel The Basics: Unfortunately for British-born Jonothan Starsmore, his mutant psionic energy projection powers manifested in the form of a powerful blast that tore through most of his upper chest, leaving a gaping wound in its place. Membership in Generation X and later the X-Men as Chamber helped teach Jono to refine his powers, but couldn't erase the very visible scar of his tragic past. Losing his powers on M-Day almost seemed a blessing, but Jono was kidnapped by followers of the immortal mutant Apocalypse, who claimed him a descendant of their master and altered his physical appearance before Excalibur could save him. As Decibel, Jono tries to make the best of his new life with sonic powers he's still learning the full extent about. Greatest Asset: Decibel has experienced enough adversity in his short life that it's pretty hard to break his spirit merely by hitting him. Achilles Heel: Never quite having recovered from the initial horror he experienced when first using his powers, Jono may be reluctant to cut loose with his new abilities.


Justice The Basics: Save for an abusive father, Vance Astrovik grew up like any other kid, until Vance Astro, a possible future version of himself from the Guardians of the Galaxy, visited him and unlocked his latent telekinetic powers. As Marvel Boy, Vance followed in the footsteps of his idol, Captain America, as a straight-laced hero, joining the New Warriors. Later, as Justice, Vance grew up a bit and lead the Warriors as well as earning membership in the Avengers. Justice currently serves as a counselor for the Initiative. Greatest Asset: Justice possesses a natural sense of leadership and confidence that he honed under the guidance of Captain America and carries into each battle. Achilles Heel: Like most great leaders, Vance can't help but be concerned—sometimes too concerned—for his teammates and it can distract him at the worst times. Winner: JUSTICE This would be a decent fight, but Justice pulls it out on the basis that Decibel still hasn't mastered his new powers and due to an experience advantage. That's an early two-one lead for the original New Warriors—can the newbies bounce back? Check back here on tomorrow for the answer! Also, be sure to pick up NEW WARRIORS #7 on December 26! Plus, read classic New Warriors stories in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited right now!

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