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Tuesday Q&A

Tuesday Q&A: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Carol Danvers faces life without flight, the Avengers encounter Lizard problems, and their writer clues us in!

Captain Marvel preview inks by Filipe Andrade

By Jim Beard

Checking in with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick to glean information on her Marvel titles, CAPTAIN MARVEL and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, means experiencing her unique wit first hand and her unfortunate reluctance to let slip with spoilers. We tried anyway, in an effort to learn more about the near future of the two books and the heroes who star in them.

DeConnick drops a few hints about Carol Danver’s immediate challenges, as well as the Black Widow’s past colliding with her present and more.

Marvel.com: Kelly Sue, when Carol got back home in CAPTAIN MARVEL #9, what did that mean to her?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Oh, like, returning to New York from her time travel adventure? Is that a big deal? She was only gone four days and was presumably back in New York when Monica called and asked her to make the trip to New Orleans. So, for Carol it's just another day. For us as readers I think it's exciting to get to see what her day to day life is like. But then, I guess that makes me sound like someone who's excited by trips to the grocery store, doesn't it? 

"Excited," isn't quite right. "Unduly challenged," might be accurate, however.

Marvel.com: There's a situation in that issue that affects Carol's power of flight; without that, who or what is Captain Marvel?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: That's the question we're looking to answer.  It's a big part of who she is, so what is she without it? What's at Carol's core?  We aim to find out. 

Marvel.com: You’ll also be introducing a new Deathbird in the months to come—what are her ties to the original Deathbird, if any?

Captain Marvel preview inks by Filipe Andrade

Kelly Sue DeConnick: She's very closely tied to the original Deathbird. Very. Closely. As for how she will challenge Captain Marvel the most—tough to fight a bird if you can't fly, huh?

Marvel.com: That’s in CAPTAIN MARVEL #11 this March. What's coming up next, after that?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: #12!

The real answer is I can’t tell you! How annoying is that?

Let's see if I can come up with an oblique hint…

Here's one:


Here's another:


Marvel.com: That leads us into AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! How do characters like the Black Widow and Hawkeye strive to be heroes with so many sins in their past?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Diligently. “The Widow's Ledger” [story arc] is expressly about how the Widow has chosen to atone for her sins. 

Marvel.com: Looks like some Lizard juice makes the scene in #13; what about the Lizard intrigues you the most? What about that legacy or legend made for a perfect plot point in your story?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Lizards again, right? It's almost as though the first and second story arcs might prove to be connected as some point, huh? 

Avengers Assemble #10 cover by Nic Klein

It actually started with my reading about the Krokodil—desomorphine—epidemic in Siberia and being so gutted by it. I knew I wanted to write about it on some level; I actually first pitched it as a Blade storyline a few years ago, believe it or not. So the “Widow's Ledger” arc was conceived of first, but Science Bros really had the tone most appropriate to the new team's launch. 

Marvel.com: Has any character in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE truly surprised or challenged you as a writer?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: All of them, on some level. I had a harder time finding Thor's voice than any of the rest, which surprised me. Sif came easily and I was wrong to assume Thor would follow suit. Hawkeye's been tough too. 

Tony surprised me by being more fun than I anticipated. He's probably the easiest for me to write. Similarly, I and no idea I'd have such an affection for Spider-Woman or that she would be so funny. Her dynamic with Hulk wasn't something I saw coming, but it retrospect it makes a lot of sense. A lot. 

Carol and Steve were a pleasure; no surprise there, though. Oh, Wolverine and Spider-Man tickled me; Logan and the microwave popcorn. I actually bet he's a great cook.

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