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Marvel NOW!

Spider-Man's Superior Artists

Giuseppe Camuncoli and Humberto Ramos prepare to take the new wallcrawler into the next phase of Marvel NOW!

Superior Spider-Man #4 preview art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

By Ben Morse

In the first three issues of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, artist Ryan Stegman makes his mark defining the mind of Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker in his bold visual style. Beginning with issue #4 in February, a pair of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN veterans step in to try their hand at visualizing the new status quo.

Giuseppe Camuncoli join writer Dan Slott on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4-5 in February and March before Humberto Ramos makes his return on April’s issue #6. Both artists will assist in expanding the new Spidey’s exploration of a world both familiar and new to readers.

“[We will see] more of Otto coming to terms with his psychological situation and the return of a villain from early in Slott’s run,” previews editor Steve Wacker of the story that brings Camuncoli back. “We’ll see more of ‘SpOck’ at Horizon which means more ‘scientist Pete.’ Plus Aunt May is in the picture and given her past with Otto, that’s bound to up the creepy factor by about 1000%.”

“He’s more menacing, sinister and dangerous now,” says Camuncoli of his approach to Superior Spidey. “Despite being more ‘angle-y and rigid’ now, I imagine him possibly even faster, and deadlier. Unpredictable, also, like he could snap and do something Spidey-unexpected [at] any moment.”

Superior Spider-Man #7 cover by Humberto Ramos

As for Ramos’ arc, while the involvement of the Avengers and possibility that somebody will be getting fired has been teased, details remain scarce. But for the veteran webslinger draftsman, while some details have changed, he’s had no problem keeping his artistic groove.

“The outfit is different, [but] drawing Spidey is a religion to me,” Ramos notes. “I know how the character moves—at least the one I know. I do need of course to take a different approach [here]. I can say I was a bit scared to draw Spider-Man doing some things I’m not used to.”

Camuncoli has taken the opportunity to portray an evolution through smaller visual changes in the character.

“To me, it’s mostly body language and expressions—and attitude,” the artist explains. “The only thing I made slightly different in Peter [is] his hair, now mostly combed-back. I think Otto is someone so meticulous and precise that he would take care of his hair in a way that Peter wouldn’t. Remember his classic bow cut? Not a single hair was misplaced there.”

Stegman, Camuncoli and Ramos will continue to rotate on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN as the series progresses. While that news has to excite fans, it also makes Wacker’s day:

“I think the competition for favorite Superior Spidey artist is off to a huge start.”

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2 will be available January 30

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      I like Humberto Ramos art very much. It is amazing.


      take ramos off the book his art is terrible