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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Uncanny X-Force

Learn more about Storm, Psylocke, Puck, Spiral and Bishop in these digital classics!

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 hit stores this week starring an all-new, all-different team. Puck, Psylocke, Storm and Spiral round out the roster, with Bishop as their first big bad, and we want to bring you up to speed on all of their incredible adventures!

ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #5

Laid up after a brutal bruising, the cart wheeling Canadian cannonball Eugene Judd, better known by his super hero persona Puck, senses something amiss in the hospital. The pain meds haven’t been working, the staff seems a bit jittery, and when Puck does a little late-night snooping he discovers a drug-trafficking operation working right out of the building! The doctor prescribed bed rest? Not tonight—Puck’s got work to do.


Rain falls, lightning flashes, and bullets fly as Longshot runs ragged through a dark forest hounded by implacable pursuers. Then, when all seems lost, a portal opens and the four-fingered hero dashes through without a second thought. Seconds later he materializes in upstate New York, but little does he know that he brought some of his hunters with him, among them the dimensional teleporter Spiral. She and the other monsters want to go home, and they will go to any lengths to ensure their safe return, even at the cost of innocent lives. Will Longshot foil their terrible plot, even with the odds stacked against him?


Cyclops vs. Storm—the winner leads the X-Men! On paper this fight looks all too one-sided, with Scott sporting his signature devastating optic blasts and Ororo without a power to her name. But don’t count the former weather witch out yet. Armed with years of combat training, tactical know-how, and grim determination, she could just send the optical avenger packing!

CABLE (2008) #4

Bishop wants the first mutant since M-Day dead. He fanatically believes she will somehow destroy the future and now he’s hunting her and Cable through the time stream to make sure that never happens. As he stalks the two fleeing mutants in this far-flung dystopian nightmare, an old friend appears to stand in his way: Sam Guthrie, codename Cannonball. Sam will lay his life on the line to make sure that Cable and Hope make it out in one piece, but standing up to Bishop may be the last thing he ever does.


It’s time for Betsy Braddock, the X-Men’s resident psychic ninja, to finally put her original body to rest. Original body you ask? Long story, but Betsy’s mind got switched into the body of a killer assassin and then she died and then she came back and…anyway, she heads to Japan to pay her last respects when a cadre of evil Hand ninjas attack. Using their kung fu magic they destroy her dead body; the ultimate insult courtesy of the Hand’s Matsu’o Tsurayaba. Needless to say he ticked off the wrong X-Woman.

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