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Marvel NOW!

World of Superior Spider-Man Pt. 2

Chris Yost and Steve Wacker preview which villains will battle the new Spidey and how his complicated past comes into play!


By Andrew Wheeler

It's the story everyone's talking about: there's a new Spider-Man in town.

Sure, he looks like the old one, but he's packing a new superior attitude. Doctor Octopus has swapped minds with Peter Parker, stolen his identity and left him for dead. In the pages of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and AVENGING SPIDER-MAN, the story of Otto Octavius and Peter Parker continues to unfold.

This week we'll explore how the Superior Spider-Man will interact with the world of his old foe, continuing today with how he will interact with the members of Spidey’s rogues gallery.

We spoke to AVENGING SPIDER-MAN writer Chris Yost and Spider-Man Senior Editor Steve Wacker about what happens when an ex-bad guy tries to become a hero and goes up against his former fellows.

Marvel.com: One of the most exciting things about SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is that it provides a new context for familiar old villains. Can you give us an idea which bad guys we should expect to see?

Steve Wacker: In the first issue we saw a reinvented Sinister Six—who will play an elevated role as the year goes on—and the Vulture is right behind too. Plus we’ll be seeing the return of Massacre and the Jackal as well as many others. And don’t forget Norman Osborn is still out there scheming

The Vulture

Marvel.com: What about new foes?

Chris Yost: Well, in the sense that they're new to Otto, yes. While Peter Parker may have faced villains like the Jackal and such before, it's a first for Otto. It gets interesting when Otto has to face villains he's worked with before.

Marvel.com: Will we see Ock settling some old scores?

Chris Yost: I think Otto really is trying to move forward, but in at least one case he may not be able to help himself.

Marvel.com: Is Ock's relationship with his former allies going to be purely adversarial, or does he still feel some loyalty to some of them?

Chris Yost: You'll see this in both SUPERIOR and AVENGING; Ock has a very interesting approach to his old friends.

Marvel.com: Could any of the villains tempt Otto back to the dark side? Could he convince any of them to become good guys?

Chris Yost: Check out AVENGING in the coming months for the answer to that.  You may be surprised.

Marvel.com: Is there any chance some of these villains might recognize Otto?

Chris Yost: There's always a chance. People are focused on the danger of the heroes figuring it out—but what happens if a villain does?

Marvel.com: Otto seems like a dirty fighter. How does that change the way he fights crime? Does it change the way crime fights back?

The Sinister Six

Chris Yost: Ock's methods are much more violent and ruthless than Peter's, right from the start. And people will notice.

Marvel.com: One of the hallmarks of Peter Parker is the endless banter when he fights the baddies. Will we see an Otto Octavius version of this?

Steve Wacker: The Superior Spider-Man is slowly trying to fit into the personality of Peter Parker’s Amazing Spider-Man with mixed results as we’ve [already] seen in DAREDEVIL #22. But Otto is aware he needs to fit in better and that is a subplot of the book over the first few months.

Marvel.com: Arguably Spider-Man's greatest antagonist is J. Jonah Jameson. What's the relationship between the Superior Spider-Man and JJJ?

Chris Yost: You'll start to see their very different relationship blossom in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2.

Tomorrow, find out how his artists approach the “new” Spider-Man, and be sure to pick up SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2!

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This book is almost as good as The Scarlet Spider!


I agree Superior spider is fresh and daring - after reading SS#1 I was automatically loving the new approach - sure it would have been good to have a whole new spider-man but that was done in ultimate universe this had to be different, and different it is (in a good way)


I have been a loyal read of Spidey for 30 years. You almost lost me at the clone saga. You almost lost me when Spidey made a deal with Mephisto. But now you do this with Doc Ock? Sorry Marvel. Three strickes and your out. I will no longer buy another Spidey comic.