So You Want to Write a Comic Book?

Marvel teams with Jeep for the Patriot Adventure



Hey there true believers, day-dreamers and would-be writers, Marvel has partnered with Jeep to offer a contest unlike anything ever before! The all-new Jeep Patriot and Marvel are setting out on an adventure with YOU to create a brand new comic book. Check out and you will see the start of an exciting interactive 20-page digital comic. A Marvel writer got the adventure rolling with the first five pages and now it is time for aspiring comic book writers everywhere to participate by dreaming up the next two pages of action to be drawn by Marvel illustrator Bing Cansino. The selections will be reviewed by an expert Marvel panel and the selected entry will then be illustrated, permanently becoming a part of this one-of-a-kind Jeep Patriot Comic Book. The first leg of the comic book has begun, but as the comic book continues, there are still more opportunities to write in two-page sequences that will bridge the story together to its climactic finish—illustrated all the way through by Bing. Once the comic is completed, it will be printed in very limited numbers. To get yours, register at and try your hand at helping the story along or watch the story unfold with special features allowing you to see penciled, inked, and fully colored versions of each and every page! If your idea is selected for an illustrated sequence there's even a chance you could get an original page sketch signed by Bing himself!

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