Weekend Preview: Iron Man #25

Check out this seven-page preview of IRON MAN #25, on sale 1/23.



COVER BY: GERALD PAREL WRITER: DANIEL KNAUF CHARLES KNAUF PENCILS: ROBERTO DE LA TORRE INKS: ROBERTO DE LA TORRE COLORED BY: DEAN WHITE LETTERED BY: VC - JOE CARAMAGNA THE STORY: Time is running out for humanity. Tony Stark, discredited, humiliated and stripped of his command, struggles to uncover a diabolical plot that could spell the end of mankind. Betrayed by his peers, isolated by his obsessions, Stark finds that his only allies are the demons of his past and, hamstrung by obsolete technology, Iron Man is confronted by his archenemy, The Mandarin. Rated A...3.99 IN STORES: January 23, 2008
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