Weekend Preview: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #8

Check out this seven-page preview of ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: GUILTY PLEASURES #8, on sale 2/06.



COVER BY: BRETT BOOTH WRITER: JESS RUFFNER LAURELL K. HAMILTON PENCILS: BRETT BOOTH INKS: BRETT BOOTH COLORED BY: IMAGINARY FRIENDS LETTERED BY: BILL TORTOLINI THE STORY: Anita and Phillip recover from the Freak Party only to come face-to-face with Master Vampire Nikolaos. What will she think of the Executioner's newest findings in the Vampire Murders? Will the information Anita has save her life or endanger it? Meanwhile, the vampire murderer strikes again! Who is the latest victim of this mysterious killer? Parental Advisory …$2.99 IN STORES: February 6, 2008
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