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We don't know if you've heard, but a little something called SECRET INVASION starts next week…but before that, get caught up with everything you need to know about the Skrull Empire's twisted history with SECRET INVASION SAGA, now available for FREE through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Yeah, you heard that right...FREE! SECRET INVASION SAGA tracks the Skrulls' malicious story all the way back to their original showdown with the Fantastic Four, following their career of deceit and trickery all the way up to the unbelievable revelations in NEW AVENGERS #31 and beyond! And if you subscribe to Digital Comics Unlimited, after getting your education on everything Skrull check out our exclusive SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE, written and drawn by the main series' creative team supreme Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu! Follow Dum Dum Dugan as he makes a few Skrull-tastic discoveries of his own leading directly into the main event, SECRET INVASION #1! Once you've done all that, remember to head over to your local comic shop on April 2 when SECRET INVASION #1 finally hits shelves! And to whet your ravenous appetite, read the 10-page preview of the first issue over at! Phew! Well, that's it for now but you better buckle up tight, 'cause the ride has only just begun, True Believers! Who do you trust? Learn more about Secret Invasion now at! Also, read the SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and watch the Secret Invasion animated short!
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