New Warriors: Out with the Old Pt. 2

As they prepare to face their group’s past, we stack the new New Warriors up against their predecessors



By Ben Morse

cover by
Nic Klein

From the ashes of the original New Warriors and their tragic involvement in igniting Civil War, a new team has emerged claiming the controversial name as their own and rebelling against the authority that Tony Stark and his Initiative present. However, beginning with NEW WARRIORS #7, hitting stands December 26 courtesy of writer Kevin Grevioux and guest artist Jon Malin, the new group must face the legacy they're living as surviving members of the original New Warriors start to ask the tough questions. While both yesterday and today's New Warriors squads consist of young heroes and boast a leader by the name of Night Thrasher—with the current holder of the identity maybe and maybe not the thought-to-be deceased original—the similarities more or less stop there. For one thing, the old Warriors fought alongside "establishment" teams like the Avengers, but then again they lived in a very different Marvel Universe. Another major factor separating the New Warriors past and present: the original group simply provided a place for teenagers and 20-somethings with super powers (usually) to hang. In contrast, Night Thrasher's new team serves as a haven for mutants depowered by the Scarlet Witch on M-Day. He then provides them with technology to replace their powers and gives them the means to fight the good fight.

interior art by
Jon Malin

So as always, when two distinct individuals or group share a common name, one question naturally arises: who would win? If the New Warriors of yesteryear came to odds with the kids currently using their collective identity who would prevail? As NEW WARRIORS #7 looks as though it may start to answer that very question, decided to stack up members of both teams in some one-on-one battles to see which Warriors have the edge. The original squad went up to a quick 2-1 lead yesterday, here are the final four matchups. BLACKWING VS DARKHAWK


Blackwing The Basics: Barnell Bohusk came up short in the mutant powers lottery, taking on the appearance of an overgrown chicken upon hitting puberty, but struggling to fly even short distances. All this made Barnell the butt of many jokes as Beak during his days at the Xavier Institute, but an unlikely romance with fellow outcast student Angel, a stint with the dimension-hopping heroes the Exiles and fatherhood all combined to turn his life in a decent direction. Barnell got a second chance on M-Day, turning out to be a decent looking guy without his mutation getting in the way and finally getting to fly as the armored Blackwing of the New Warriors. Greatest Asset: As Beak or Blackwing, Barnell has a never-say-die attitude and tons of heart. Even when up against the uber-powerful Hyperion during his Exiles days, he refused to back down. Achilles Heel: Even fancy new armor can't immediately undo the damage done by years of having a massive inferiority complex.


Darkhawk The Basics: When he came across a mysterious amulet, Chris Powell wound up transferring his consciousness into the boy of the armored alien warrior form called Darkhawk, imbuing him with unique powers including the ability to discharge energy blasts and create force fields, plus superior strength and the capability to fly. Darkhawk became a loyal reserve member of the New Warriors, though he declined to join full-time. He has recently been active in the Los Angeles area with other costumed heroes, including former New Warriors teammate Turbo. Greatest Asset: Unlike many of the other Warriors, Darkhawk has plenty of solo victories under his belt, from facing down the likes of Venom to taking out alien armadas. Achilles Heel: On the flip side of that coin, Chris doesn't always play well with others, and can often pay so much attention to his own fight that he costs his teammates theirs. Winner: DARKHAWK The only way Blackwing wins here would be if they have a Mr. Congeniality face-off. SKYBOLT VS AEGIS


Skybolt The Basics: A pyrokinetic mutant with a chip on his shoulder and a criminal record, it came as little surprise when Vincent Stewart joined Quentin Quire's gang of anarchists as Redneck in an attempt to take over the Xavier Institute. Following the failure of that campaign and the loss of his powers, Vin seems to have turned over a new leaf, joining the New Warriors as Skybolt, sporting an armor based on that once worn by the Beetle. Greatest Asset: Hard-headed and strong-willed, Skybolt won't hesitate to throw himself into battle with a boatload of enthusiasm and momentum. Achilles Heel: Vin's southern temper still gets the best of him now and again, leading him to bite off more than he can chew.


Aegis The Basics: Growing up in a gang-infested area of Brooklyn, Trey Rollins attempted to clean up his neighborhood as Aegis after discovering a breastplate created by the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena that created an impenetrable force field around its wearer. Trey refined his skills and discovered the origins of his god-given gift during a brief tour of duty with the New Warriors. Greatest Asset: Hard to beat somebody you can't touch. Achilles Heel: Aegis' powers don't always live up to their advance billing. Enemies have been able to take him by surprise without triggering his field or simply persist until it breaks. Winner: SKYBOLT Skybolt certainly doesn't lack in persistence, so he'll keep banging away until either Aegis goes down or he passes out himself—good money goes on the redneck. RIPCORD VS MICROBE


Ripcord The Basics: Her past before joining the New Warriors remains a mystery, but the young woman known as Ripcord uses technology to emulate the powers of the Constrictor, wielding powerful coiled weapons. Greatest Asset: With abilities that make her a great striker from a distance, Ripcord doesn't need to get too close in order to take you out. Achilles Heel: If you can get past her long range attack, Ripcord quickly becomes a bit too one-dimensional.


Microbe The Basics: The mutant known as Microbe found himself orphaned after his father mistook his son's ability to control germs and bacteria as a cure for cancer and denied himself treatment. Taken in by Night Thrasher, Microbe learned to control his powers, figuring out how to heal and cause illness, and joined the New Warriors during a period when they had their own reality show. Microbe perished in the Stamford tragedy. Greatest Asset: If he has stealth on his side, Microbe can eliminate an enemy without them even knowing they're under attack. Achilles Heel: Microbe never really received enough prolonged official training to achieve the aforementioned stealth. Winner: RIPCORD Ripcord will end the fight before Microbe or his nasty germs even get close to her. PHASER VS NOVA


Phaser The Basics: Like his teammate Skybolt, Christian Cood can boast former membership in Quentin Quire's Omega Gang as the ultraviolet light-emitting Radian. Also like the former Redneck, Christian saw the error of his former ways upon losing his mutant powers and joined the New Warriors. As Phaser, Christian boasts an armor that shares many of the offensive capabilities of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Greatest Asset: Few weapons in the Marvel Universe are as potent as the Iron Man armor, so Phaser has at least the basis of a great weapon system. Achilles Heel: Phaser's sister, Longstrike, recently died in the New Warriors' first battle with Zodiac—emotionally, he has yet to recover.


Nova The Basics: Granted the powers of a Xandarian Nova Centurion by a dying alien and then ceded the powers of the entire Nova Corps when they fell during Annihilation, Rich Rider wields great power at great cost. Able to survive in space, fly at incredible speeds, pack a super strength punch and wield a variety of energy-based powers, Nova once served proudly as a New Warrior but currently patrols the entire universe as his beat. Greatest Asset: He has the power of an entire army of alien warriors and he saved the friggin' universe—'nuff said. Achilles Heel: At times, Nova has been known to stretch himself to thin and leave his backside open to attack. Winner: NOVA Tough draw for Phaser. So in our little simulation, the old school Warriors prove too much for their young successors with a narrow 4-3 triumph. Will it shake down like that in print? Be sure to pick up NEW WARRIORS #7 on December 26 and find out! Also, check out classic New Warriors comics with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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