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Unlimited Highlights: Cyclops

This week we've got 5 awesome stories starring the very first X-Man, the master of the optic blast, Cyclops!



By Ben Chabala

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To coincide with this week's X-MEN ORIGINS: CYCLOPS #1 we've dug up a whole host of tales that put Xavier's first X-Man front and center. Witness some of Scott's greatest triumphs and deepest tragedies to learn just what it takes to lead the Uncanny X-Men!


The X-Men have been captured by their archnemesis Magneto, and it's up to Cyclops and Angel to save the day, and in all likelihood, the world! After blasting himself free of his leaden confines, Cyclops prowls the dark and foreboding halls of Magneto's lair, hoping to free the rest of his teammates while Angel rushes to New York to enlist the aid of the Avengers. But before Scott has a chance to escape, he runs into Quicksilver, a super-speedster and a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The two waste little time on words, and soon it's Cyclops' eyes vs the blazing quick feet of Pietro Maximoff. Will Xavier's star pupil subdue his ultra-fast foe or will Quicksilver prove too much for him to handle?

At the grave of his first true love, Scott Summers relives his most sacred memories of the time he spent with Jean Grey. For the mourning mutant, it seems like just yesterday he and Jean were meeting for the first time as students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, training together in the Danger Room, busy hiding their mutual attraction that was all too apparent to their friends. Side-by-side they fought some of the most dangerous beings ever to menace mankind, human and mutant alike. Through thick and thin, their unspoken love grew with each confrontation until finally Scott told Jean how much he loved her. Now she's gone, Scott needs to do some soul-searching before he's ready to lead the X-Men again.

X-MEN #97
All of his pieces put into play, Apocalypse stands poised to call checkmate on the X-Men and the entire world! En Sabah Nur hopes to become nigh omnipotent by funneling the powers of the Twelve into the body of Nate Grey then subsequently usurping the mutant prodigy's body. But even the best laid plans of men and mutants often go awry and the Twelve don't intend to sit idly by to have their powers drained. A battle royale with the potential to shake the very firmament ensues as the X-Men battle Apocalypse's acolytes, the Children of the Sun, and the shape-shifting Skrulls! Meanwhile,  the Summers family takes the fight to the mad mutant himself. But can Cyclops, Cable and Phoenix take down their ancient foe? And if they do, what will it cost?

Calling Cyclops introverted might be the understatement of the century, but you try being a social butterfly when just one look could destroy everything and everyone you love. Yeah, Scott Summers has issues but what he lacks in social skills he makes up for in leadership and a gift for strategic battle planning. But should Emma Frost, a former enemy of the X-Men and Scotty's new girlfriend, really be the person playing his psychiatrist? If so, the fun and mind games have only just begun. While Scott and Emma delve into the fearless leader's psyche, an old enemy seemingly rises from the grave to put an end to the X-Men once and for all!

Following the terror, betrayal and death of Messiah CompleX, Scott Summers has decided to disband the X-Men, or at least put the team on a temporary hiatus, and take Emma to the Savage Land for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. They ride dinosaurs, hunt wild boars, swim in pristine prehistoric lakes, and double date with Ka-zar and Shanna, but all the while Scott thinks about the X-Men, and their place in the world with Professor Xavier seemingly dead. While Cyclops and Emma vacation, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Colossus decide to take a little trip of their own. It’s a brave new world for the X-Men, and Scott’s just the mutant to lead them through it!


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