Fantastic Four #575 Sells Out & Returns With New Printing

It's another sell out and new printing for the red hot team of Hickman & Eaglesham



Marvel is pleased to announce that FANTASTIC FOUR #575 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at the retail level) and will return with FANTASTIC FOUR #575 SECOND PRINTING VARIANT! The acclaimed team of Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham kick start a new direction for Marvel's First Family-one that will forever change the team! Fantastic Four #575 Second Printing Variant features the powerful interior art of Dale Eaglesham on a new cover!

The critics are raving about Fantastic Four!

"Thanks to Hickman and Eaglesham, FANTASTIC FOUR is now once again Marvel's most exciting ongoing. And they're clearly just getting started." - Dan Phillips,

"Fantastic Four is back. If you have been on the fence about picking up recent issues I can guarantee you will pleased." - Matt McGloin,

"Hickman plays upon what makes the Fantastic Four unique with great results." - Doug Zawisza,

"Jonathan Hickman continues to impress me by being able to balance the wackier aspects of the Fantastic Four with thought-provoking and often humorous content. It's got the grand scope of the Lee/Kirby era with a modern blockbuster film sensibility." - Chad Derdowski,

"Reed's tour through the various underground environments is given texture and atmosphere by Eaglesham's pencils, and there are plenty of interesting details hiding in the corners of the panels that add a little extra flavour to proceedings." - Dave Wallace,

With every issue of Hickman & Eaglesham's FANTASTIC FOUR sold out, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on this red-hot series! Don't miss FANTASTIC FOUR #575 SECOND PRINTING VARIANT!

Pencils & Cover by DALE EAGLESHAM
Rated A ...$2.99
FOC-2/18/10, On-Sale-3/10/10


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