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Unlimited Highlights: Mac Gargan

From Scorpion to Venom and back again!



By Ben Chabala

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To help segue the Scorpion’s return to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN we’re showcasing the life story of Mac Gargan this week in Unlimited Highlights!  Bear witness to his violent beginnings, his deadly evolution into the all-new Venom, and his role as the Dark Avengers’ Sinister Spider-Man! Then get psyched for his rebirth this very week in the back-up story of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #651 and full-blown renaissance coming in issue #652!


J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker’s boss and his alter ego’s most bitter literary critic, will go to any lengths to crush the Wallcrawler, both in the public eye and against the pavement if at all possible. Enter Mac Gargan, a P.I. in Jonah’s employ and shady character to say the least.  Jonah has him mutated to battle Spidey and Gargan becomes the Scorpion, a super villain with all of power and abilities of his arachnid namesake.  Prepare for the first battle of the Sensational Spider-Man and the sinister Scorpion, a meeting that sets the stage for a rivalry spanning decades!


Steve Rogers, the Star-Spangled Avenger, wanders the streets of New York thinking depressing existential thoughts. Sometimes even a man of action suffers from a case of the blues. While Cap attempts to clear his befuddled brain, the Scorpion strikes, unaware that he’s assaulting the Sentinel of Liberty!  Unwilling to give up his secret identity, Steve takes the hits and lets the baddie escape only to don his costume and give chase as Captain America!  Does Spidey’s old foe stand a chance against a hero who’s been fighting bad guys since WWII?


Mac Gargan toiled for years in villainous obscurity, but now everything’s about to change.  The Green Goblin’s gathered Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies together to destroy the Webslinger once and for all. A sinister team-up of super villains doesn’t usually make headlines, but now Scorpion’s sporting Spidey’s old symbiote duds and  there’s a new Venom in town!  Mary Jane’s life hangs by the thinnest of threads and unless Peter can put down Venom and the rest of the bad guys in time, he might never see his lady love again


Jack Flag just wanted to help people in need, but with the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act, he needs to sign up with Tony Stark, give up his secret identity, and become a part of the system.  If he refuses?  There’s a chance that Venom and the Thunderbolts will hunt him down and he might lose a limb or three to the unhinged symbiote. You heard right: one of Spider-Man’s most violent villains now works for the government—and he’s hungry!


Just when you think you know a villain, he goes and becomes a hero.  Unfortunately, the word “hero” doesn’t quite mean what it used to now that Norman Osborn’s running things.   Mac Gargan works directly under the former Green Goblin as a soldier of H.A.M.M.E.R. and rounds out the Dark Avengers’ roster as the black-suited Spider-Man, a position he abuses to satisfy his darker urges. Working on the side of the supposed angels, Mac aims to get revenge on everyone who’s ever wronged him starting with the man who made him the Scorpion: Mayor J. Jonah Jameson!

Pick up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #651 on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, January 12!

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Webspidrman member

New Scorp's gotta have some new tricks up his mutant hide if he wants to stay on top of the villain chart, and it'll certainly help if he can maintain the uber- fear factor that he enjoyed as Venom using mind games or deadly toxins. You never know what new stuff is squirting out of Gargan's tail. >_>Also, quick question: is Mac still gonna eat people? Just curious.(Hey, old habits die hard! :P )