Fear Itself

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Host Grace Randolph tells you all about Marvel teaming up with Netflix, Marvel's new Massive Multiplayer Online game and more



It's Marvel's BIG NEWS episode! Host Grace Randolph tells you all about Marvel-Netflix team up, Marvel's new MMO game written by Brian Michael Bendis, an exclusive look at Captain America #1, Marvel's The Avengers movie in production, live coverage of the Thor movie premiere and more Fear Itself! Plus Tricerastack and Graphic Debate, asking you what you're most excited about: Netflix and Marvel, MMO game with Bendis, Captain America #1, Marvel's The Avengers movie, the Thor movie premiere, or Fear Itself!

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spideronly1 plus member

All these things r awesome, but this is what i would put if pressed: in order: Fear Itself, MU MMO, THE AVENGERS movie, NETFLIX and MARVEL and the THOR premiere...


Out of all of those, Fear Itself is the most exiting, to me.