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1602 #1 Cover
Hark! What strange tales and amazing fantasies does Marvel yonder bring this week? If you’re in the mood for digital comic books that contain supernatural shenanigans and Elizabethan court intrigue, you can’t go wrong with 1602 #1-8. For a limited time only, these timeless tales of heroism are available on the Marvel Comics App for only 99 cents per single digital issue.
As imagined by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert, 1602 depicts an alternate Marvel Universe where heroes are hunted, villains are revered, and nothing is quite what it seems. The Fantastic Four are high-flying pirates while the X-Men are branded as “witchbreed” and targeted for death by the Spanish Inquisition. Dr. Strange works for Queen Elizabeth I while Bruce Banner is an assassin whose target is none other than Sir Nicholas Fury! And that’s just the first couple of issues!  
Want to find out more? Then purchase 1602 #1-8 on the Marvel Comics App today. Hurry because this deal ends today at 11 PM EST.

This week’s 99 cents Marvel Mondays is sponsored by Brink, available Spring 2011. Visit the website at http://brinkthegame.com.

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Android app please! Lots of folks have moved on to 4G devices like the EVO, Nexus and Thunderbolt. Not a fan of Apple stuff.