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SDCC 2012: Marvel NOW! Point One

A special anthology one-shot featuring Nick Fury Jr. paves the way for major events in the Marvel Universe!



Last fall, the POINT ONE special provided a roadmap for the Marvel Universe in 2012, and now a new MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE anthology will do much the same for a series of massive shifts and events coming up.

"[MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE] will have multiple stories unified within a larger framing story, all of which will give portents and clues about stuff that's coming down the pike in Marvel NOW! and even after," says Marvel Senior VP - Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. "Most, but not all, of the stories contain specific set-up elements for the characters and series involved, produced by the creators working on the books themselves. It's a cornucopia of talent."

The only characters confirmed to be involvied in MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE for the time being will be Nick Fury Jr., the son of the original Fury and new operative of SH.I.E.L.D. introduced in the BATTLE SCARS limited series.

"The framing story is all about him and tees him up for a Marvel NOW! series that we'll tell you more about soon," teases Brevoort.

Stay tuned to for more on MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE in the weeks and months to come!

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