Deadpool and Demons

Deadpool and Demons Pt. 1

Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn preview the next arc of Deadpool and how it veers sharply to the dark side of Marvel!



Deadpool #8 cover by Art Adams

By Andrew Wheeler

Is nothing sacred?

After taking on—and taking down—America's zombie presidents in the first run of his Marvel NOW! series, Deadpool gets devilish in the second arc from writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and artist Mike Hawthorne. It's a soulful tale of Faustian pacts in the Mighty Merc-with-a-Mouth Manner.

The Marvel Universe has a whole lot of demons—we're talking literal demons, here—and Deadpool has a few of his own—and now we're talking metaphor, it's clever—so we joined hands to commune with Gerry and Brian to learn a little more about their new storyline, and Wade Wilson’s attitude to pitchforks and infernos. What can you tell us about the new DEADPOOL story? We hear things take a turn for the diabolical?

Gerry Duggan: Well, we don't want to spoil too much, but yes, the events in the second arc have to deal with demons, souls, and deals gone bad. Marvel has such a wonderful underbelly to play around in.

Brian Posehn: Gerry's right. We like playing around under Marvel's belly. First dead presidents, now demons; what's the appeal of throwing Deadpool at the dark side of the Marvel universe?

Deadpool #8 preview art by Mike Hawthorne

Gerry Duggan: Well, once it was decided that the first arc was going to feature necromancy, it made sense that this arc would follow that one. There are a few loose ends after issue #6 that will need resolving. The transition from arc one to arc two is made even easier by issue #7, which at first glance is a standalone issue, but it actually leads quite nicely into issue #8.

Brian Posehn: What Gerry said. Speaking for myself, I'm a fan of the dark side. I've even been known to dabble with necromancy. Don't tell Gerry, but we may have gotten this gig through a little pact I made years ago. What can you tell me about Wade's new demon buddy?

Gerry Duggan: Vetis is a jerk. He's known Deadpool a long time, but we haven't seen him for quite a while; the early 80's specifically. To learn more about these events, be sure to pick up issue #7.

Vetis is nothing special when we meet him. Our view of hell is that it's an awful bureaucracy, and Vetis would be a mid-level manager in that structure. He's signing up souls, but, he's a climber. An unctuous, smarmy jerk when we first see him. He's got a plan to better his position.

Deadpool #8 preview art by Mike Hawthorne

Brian Posehn: Yeah, unlike most demons, our guy, Vetis is a jerk and out for himself. Our little spin on demons. Thought we'd take them down a notch or two. How does Deadpool feel about the supernatural?

Gerry Duggan: I think Deadpool would rather not be bothered with demons, monsters and the supernatural; in fact, there are some very down to earth goals that he would rather pursue at the end of issue #6, but life gets in the way. The decisions of his friends don't give him much of a choice.

Deadpool makes some pretty difficult decisions, over the course of the next arc, ones that have some pretty dramatic repercussions. In the midst of all this supernatural shenanigans something interesting and unexplained happens to Deadpool that has nothing to do with demons. It will climax in our third arc.

Brian Posehn: I don't think it's something Deadpool spends a lot of time pondering. He's pretty much all about money, fighting and Mexican food. Just like Gerry and myself.

Come back tomorrow as Gerry and Brian give Deadpool’s thoughts on some of Marvel’s most infamous demons!

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