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Wade Wilson dies several times over, plus contends with Loki, The Punisher, Thanos and more!



By Brett White

After making a bloody splash as an X-Force villain just over 20 years ago, Deadpool has grown from a cult favorite second banana to Marvel's most notorious leading mercenary.

On June 25, 2013, comic book fans everywhere will get to experience life in the red and black tights when Deadpool's first ever video game breaks its way into stores. This marks Wade Wilson's first time headlining a game after appearing in other titles like “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” and the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're giving you an in-depth look at Deadpool's history, from his humble beginnings as X-Force's snarkiest foe all the way to today.

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After he nearly died at the hands of T-Ray, DEADPOOL #34 finds our anti-hero waking up from his vacation in hell imprisoned by Loki. 'Pool busted out of his prison, only to discover that he'd returned from the dead on the moon. The lord of mischief then hired Deadpool for a mission to mess with Thor, which backfired since the god of snark can't take on the god of thunder. In addition to the humiliation of failure, Wade discovered that Loki's magic had given him a celebrity's face.

Upset with his makeover, Wilson went on a destructive spree that damaged his only costume. While waiting for a new suit to be constructed, Wade moved into an apartment with fellow bad guys for hire Constrictor and Titania in DEADPOOL #38. In addition to some "Three's Company" style shenanigans, Wade went on missions that took him into space and Wakanda.

“Titania” turned out to actually be Deadpool’s old girlfriend Vanessa in disguise, hired by the evil genius known as The Wizard to rob the merc blind. DP gave Vanessa all his money and hightailed it outta there. Loki gave up on tormenting 'Pool and returned his face to its old scabby glory.

Still looking for work, Wade took a job in DEADPOOL #46 from a cop who promised him a big payday if he killed six mob bosses. The cop set him up with Anastasia, a tattoo artist, as his contact. Using Anna's info, Deadpool took out a few capos while also falling for the lady. The unlikely pair started hanging out, and all seemed well—until she banged him on the head with a shovel and buried him alive. Bad first date. In cahoots, the cop and Anna planned to skip town, but when she found out that he lied about having money, she killed him and pulled Wade out of his grave. That seemed like a romantic gesture, until she told him she never had feelings for him. That's when Wade learned to never take jobs from cops.

DEADPOOL #50 marked a big milestone for the Merc with a Mouth, and he got himself a sidekick to celebrate. Wilson promised to take care of Christopher Cassera—aka Kid Deadpool—after the death of his father. But the youth didn't stick around for long since Christopher blamed Deadpool for his father's death and turned on him.

When a crime boss' nephew learned that he must kill The Punisher to get his inheritance, Wilson took on the job in exchange for $3 million out of the haul. DP's first run in with Frank Castle in DEADPOOL #54 got him shot, but their next altercation went more his way until the police interrupted. The two barely made a bloody getaway, which convinced the authorities that they'd killed each other. With Punisher presumed dead, the nephew cashed in his inheritance—and got hit by a truck. With his employer dead, the inheritance gone and Wade not really interested in hassling Castle again, the merc moved on.

DP and Vanessa briefly started up their relationship again in DEADPOOL #56, but Copycat had suspicions about his motives. She heard a message Siryn left on 'Pool's machine, asking to meet with him. Vanessa used her shape shifting ability to meet Theresa as Deadpool, roughing her up. Terry confronted the real Deadpool later, upsetting him so much that Vanessa immediately knew who he loved more. Both women left, leaving Wade alone. Then Kid Deadpool blew his house up.

Wade Wilson had reached rock bottom when the new Weapon X program came calling in DEADPOOL #57. They'd recruited Sabretooth, Kane, Mesmero, Wild Child and Sauron to be their deadly response team. Presented the choices "join" or "die," with the "join" selection coming with a boosted healing factor, DP signed up. One of his first missions, however, called to kill an operative who flunked out of the program: Vanessa.

'Pool immediately turned traitor on Weapon X, fighting to save Vanessa's life until a gas released reacted violently to his healing factor modifications, reducing his body to a just a hand. Weapon X then mailed the hand to Wolverine as a warning sign to not mess with them.

Dead again, Wade Wilson briefly reunited with Death before being dragged back into existence in DEADPOOL #61. Resurrected without his memories, the amnesiac merc bumped into Weasel who immediately set about helping his former boss. They learned that copies of Deadpool, each embodying one of his personality traits, had been terrorizing the city. The magic abuser behind the mayhem: T-Ray, hired by Thanos to put an end to DP’s personality and make him uninteresting to Death, whom the Mad Titan had a mad crush on. Weasel and a gang of ‘Pool’s homeless allies defeated T-Ray, leaving the one true Deadpool alive and whole. After his brush with death and Death, Thanos cursed Wilson with everlasting life to keep him away from his girlfriend.

And Deadpool never died again. Right?

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