Valentine's Day

Goblins, Doom, and Ninjas: Relive Five Super Hero Dates Gone Wrong

No matter what, your Valentine's Day plans are bound to be better than these dangerous encounters!



Powers, wealth, fame, mansions, companionship, desirable jobs that let them come and go as they please – super heroes enjoy plenty of perks. But before you start getting super jealous, remember this: no super hero can ever go on a real date without coming face to face with death. Super villains seem to have a radar sense tuned to specifically pick up romantic vibes from their archrivals, thus allowing them to crash every hero's dinner for two or getaway weekend.

For Valentine's Day, we've compiled a list of five super hero dates gone wrong that will make even the worst dates you've ever been on seem a little bit better. That is unless giant robots actually did bring a restaurant down around you. In that case… our condolences.

What bigger date is there than a wedding? When Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman tied the knot way back in 1965's FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3, they had much bigger problems than just rowdy relatives. Pretty much every single bad guy in the Marvel Universe dropped by uninvited, leaving those in attendance to fight off everyone from Doctor Doom to the Skrulls.

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2


Note to all super heroes: never ever go on a date in your archenemy's home. Spider-Man learned that lesson the hard way when he and Gwen Stacy went on a double date with Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson in the Osborn family home! The catch? Norman Osborn had regained all of his Green Goblin-y memories and picked this date night to exact his revenge on the wall-crawler.

Some super hero dates get crashed before they even get started, like the time that Omega Red and a posse of cyber ninjas ruined Rogue and Gambit's romantic evening before they'd even pulled out of the X-Mansion's driveway! Any date that begins with getting clotheslined off of a speeding motorcycle classifies as a date gone wrong.

Yeah, Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. goons interrupted this date and did considerable damage to the restaurant, but it classifies as a date gone wrong because of its overall awkwardness. Longtime friends Peter Parker and Carol Danvers decided to ditch their masks for one evening only to find out that the two of them work better as friends than anything more than that.

With two entries on this list, Doctor Doom is now the unofficial King Ruiner of Romance. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have gone on very few real dates during their history together, so when they finally decided to leave Avengers mansion for a night out, they had to know something bad would happen – they just didn't expect it to be Doom-level bad. With a crashed Doom-rocket and a city street reduced to rubble, Luke and Jessica's date had to take a turn towards the heroic.

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since when did ms. marvel and spiderman become more than friends. I know it wasn't recently but still...


@legohulkthorsmash  It was a relationship that was killed off before it had the chance to start. Brian Reed should have made the date in which Peter was talking to Carol about his first encounter with Mystique in a flashback story. That alone might have provided a good set to the finale of his run on Ms. Marvel than what we got.