Marvel 75th Anniversary

Follow the History of Ant-Man Pt. 2

Scott Lang takes up a heroic legacy, fighting save his daughter, teaming with Iron Man and the Avengers, plus much more!



In 1962, the legacy of Ant-Man began; today, over five decades later, the legend has come to encompass multiple heroes and will take shape as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Marvel as well as prepare for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” coming to theaters on July 17, 2015, learn all about the history of this unique hero.

Though known as one of the smallest heroes ever, Hank Pym left behind some mighty big boots to fill when he vacated the role of Ant-Man and moved on to larger landscapes. A capable electronic technician, Scott Lang came from a different background than Pym, having once fallen upon a criminal path, but by taking on the mantle of Ant-Man he redeemed himself by making the role distinctly his own.

Lang’s first taste of rubbing elbows with super heroes came in AVENGERS #181 when he arrived at Avengers Mansion as an employee of Stark International, there to help install a new security system. Mistaken by Wonder Man as an intruder, Lang’s initial brush with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might’ve ended in tragedy if not for the timely intervention of his boss, Tony Stark.

In MARVEL PREMIERE #47, Scott Lang’s history as an ex-con who’d served three years for his crimes in Ryker’s came back to haunt him when his young daughter Cassie fell ill due to a rare heart condition. Unable to pay for a specialist to operate on the girl, Lang broke into Hank Pym’s house and discovered a new path in the form of the costume and equipment of Ant-Man. Seeking out Dr. Sondheim, the specialist, Lang ran afoul of the hulking, monstrous Darren Cross, who desired the doctor’s attention all for his own.

Marvel Premiere #47

Cross’ own heart suffered under a “nucleorganic” pacemaker of his that threatened to kill him if Sondheim didn’t perform a heart transplant in MARVEL PREMIERE #48. As Ant-Man, Lang arrived to rescue the doctor to save Cassie, but Cross stood in his way. Battling Cross, Lang witnessed the brutish man die from a burst heart, the result of Sondheim’s duplicity with her scalpel. After Cassie’s life-saving operation, Hank Pym took Lang aside and bequeathed the Ant-Man legacy to him and wished him well in his new career as a super hero.

A desperate Tony Stark, accused of murder and trying to exonerate himself, approached Lang in IRON MAN #125 to put his new Ant-Man gear to good use by interrogating the criminal Whiplash in Ryker’s. Lang’s eagerness to help stemmed from his feelings toward the job Stark provided him at his company, so the new Ant-Man made his way into the prison and extracted the information his boss desired. With it, Iron Man inched closer to exposing the plot against him.

In IRON MAN #133, Scott Lang once again came to Tony Stark’s aid, this time after a knock-down, drag-out clash between Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. Stuck in his immobilized armor, due to extensive damage to it sustained from the battle, Stark waited while Ant-Man shrunk down to miniscule size and repaired the Iron Man suit from the inside out.

Lang’s first real encounter against a bona fide super villain arrived in AVENGERS #195. Called in by Hank Pym, who operated then as Yellowjacket, Ant-Man snuck into a supposed asylum with his benefactor to search for a kidnapped Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp. Inside, the two tiny heroes discovered an academy for super villain lackeys, and the strange situation of a doctor named Solomon and his clone. Before Ant-Man could fly into battle to save the Wasp, he came face to face with one of the most skilled criminals of all, the Taskmaster.

Subdued by Taskmaster, whose amazing ability to mimic superhuman abilities defied description, Lang found himself trussed up with Pym and Van Dyne and awaiting execution in AVENGERS #196. A timely rescue by the Avengers freed the captives, but the Taskmaster escaped to bedevil them all another day. Lang’s career as Ant-Man had officially begun, with adventures aplenty ahead of him.

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