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Understanding Wolverine: Powers

Paul Cornell talks all things Logan, beginning with his uncanny abilities!

Wolverine #1 cover by Alan Davis

By Brett White

Writer Paul Cornell makes his triumphant return to Marvel Comics with a new ongoing series, WOLVERINE, debuting on March 13. Illustrated by living legend Alan Davis, WOLVERINE promises to take the perennial favorite into completely new territory.

Wolverine's power set makes him a unique protagonist. In addition to his unbreakable adamantium bones and claws, he possesses an unstoppable healing factor and hyper keen senses. With powers like those, it's no wonder that the debut arc of this new series sports a title like “Hunting Season.”

Cornell discusses his take on Wolverine's abilities.

Marvel.com: How does writing a character that is nearly un-killable differ from your previous assignments?

Paul Cornell: Well, most leading characters are practically un-killable. Batman is probably going to be back next issue, as with Superman. It's about making Wolverine vulnerable in other ways: human ways, emotional ways.

Marvel.com: Wolverine's healing factor has been put to the test so many times; do you find yourself trying to find new injuries or diseases to throw at it?

Wolverine #1 preview art by Alan Davis

Paul Cornell: I think that's one of the aims of my run, to not lean on that too heavily. I want to back off from “let's dissolve him and see what happens.” It seems to be the default, and I don't trust the urge to go for it. Because this run sees Wolverine making some changes in his life, trying to turn a corner, I've had him come up with a couple of new uses for his powers, but they're not about pushing the healing factor as far as it'll go. 

Marvel.com: How much does Wolverine rely on his mutant abilities? Does he throw himself head first into so much chaos because he knows he can heal?

Paul Cornell: Absolutely he does. There's a scene in issue #5 where he tries, and fails, to attack a group of assailants without killing anyone. But he can only make the attempt because he knows he can soak up a certain amount of damage and pick his shots. 

Marvel.com: The first story arc is called "Hunting Season," which is a play on his keen senses and animalistic side. What was the reason behind starting off the series highlighting that part of Wolverine? Will future arcs similarly dissect other sides of him?

Wolverine #1 preview art by Alan Davis

Paul Cornell: It's because he's chasing something in the first four issues, and the “season” part indicates this is about time and major change. Future arcs will indeed look at him from various different angles. We're aiming for lots of short, action-packed bursts that add up to something larger in terms of character. 

Marvel.com: What is it like working with a legend like Alan Davis?

Paul Cornell: He's very good at both character and action storytelling, and has been keeping us honest about both, nipping and tucking. It's been a pleasure learning how to best play to his style.

You can pre-order WOLVERINE #1 now and come back tomorrow as Paul Cornell unpacks another aspect of Marvel’s most dangerous mutant!



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