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Marvel NOW!

Understanding Wolverine: Villains

Paul Cornell continues to document Logan, focusing on his savage foes!

Wolverine #1 cover by Alan Davis

By Brett White

Writer Paul Cornell makes his triumphant return to Marvel Comics with a new ongoing series, WOLVERINE, debuting on March 13. Illustrated by living legend Alan Davis, WOLVERINE promises to take the perennial favorite into completely new territory.

When you've lived as long as Wolverine has, you're bound to make a few enemies.

With adversaries like Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike, Wolverine has one of the most ferocious rogues galleries in comics. But writer Paul Cornell promises to put Logan up against obstacles that he has yet to encounter.

Marvel.com: Does Wolverine have any weaknesses that you will try to exploit?

Paul Cornell: I like the idea of presenting him with something he can't hack apart, where he has to be intelligent and find something he can deal with. 

Marvel.com: Wolverine has an expansive rogue's gallery. Will you be tackling any of the classics?

Paul Cornell: Possibly, but in a surprising way. I didn't want to deal with the obvious guys until we had something new to do with them, but now I think we do.

Wolverine #1 preview art by Alan Davis

Marvel.com: Does the opening arc set the tone for the series' future villains?

Paul Cornell: It does and it doesn't. What happens in the first four issues sets up something for the rest of the series, but doesn't set the tone for it. We're aiming for slightly different tones for different arcs, each starting with a movie poster style splash page. 

Marvel.com: Is there a particular visual style that you had in mind for Wolverine, and how much of the final look is pure Alan Davis?

Paul Cornell: I wanted something that felt like a very modern action movie, and Alan's delivering work which doesn't just feel like him, but feels like some of his best stuff.  He's often wrongly characterized as doing the whimsical stuff, but that's because [his breakthrough series] EXCALIBUR asked that of him.  The street level focus means that he shows here what he can do with emotion, and with enormous action.

Wolverine #2 cover by Alan Davis

Marvel.com: Wolverine has been all over the universe and time stream before, so pretty much any type of adventure can be a “Wolverine adventure.” Are you going to play with that fact in this series, or is this going to be a strictly street-level book?

Paul Cornell: I like him at street level, but the rather startling guest star that shows up at the end of issue #2 should indicate we've got our eye on the wider Marvel Universe too.  Street is an interesting place for him to be, because it's not quite the default, which is surely forest. We're aiming for a title which actually does introduce him to new readers, while touching only very lightly on his history for those that know it, that isn't chained down with crossovers, but does acknowledge the existence of, and influence of, a wider reality in other books.

You can pre-order WOLVERINE #1 now and come back tomorrow as Paul Cornell unpacks another aspect of Marvel’s most dangerous mutant!

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