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Marvel NOW!

Understanding Wolverine: Heroes

Paul Cornell provides a guide to the allies who aid Wolverine in his adventures!

By Brett White

Writer Paul Cornell makes his triumphant return to Marvel Comics with a new ongoing series, WOLVERINE, debuting on March 13. Illustrated by living legend Alan Davis, WOLVERINE promises to take the perennial favorite into completely new territory.

Wolverine #1 cover by Alan Davis

Although he's the best there is at what he does, he rarely does what he's best at alone.

In recent years, Wolverine has joined up with a number of Avengers squadrons in addition to his constant presence on several X-Men teams. So not only does Logan have a packed evil-thwarting schedule, he also has some of the biggest heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe on speed dial.

Cornell discusses the role his hero’s powered friends will play in the new WOLVERINE ongoing series.

Marvel.com: Wolverine's gone from a solo hero to being a member of multiple X-teams and the Avengers. How does he justify taking on this heavy of a load?

Paul Cornell: He likes people. He's actually a very strange creature. He chooses to keep himself grounded and involved with human beings, to be both an effectively immortal mutant with additional military implants, and this guy who likes bars and beer.

Marvel.com: How does Wolverine see himself in the context of the heroes he surrounds himself with, like Iron Man and Captain America?

Wolverine #1 preview art by Alan Davis

Paul Cornell: I think [he sees] them as fellow professionals, people who do the same job he does. “Hero” would be a difficult word for most of them. He takes responsibility, I think, and he likes the company of others who do the same, particularly young Nick Fury, who's his buddy movie partner for a lot of this. If I have a voice in my head for James, it's the young Clint Eastwood, who's got a nice, tough line in not taking himself too seriously. I think Hugh Jackman has an eye on him when he plays the part too.

Also, I'm tweaking the way Wolverine speaks, just a little. I'm dropping a few older language choices into his speech balloons, the ways of speaking he learned in his youth, just every now and then; just because it's fun. I'm also not using “bub.” I just think it's overplayed a bit now.

Marvel.com: Will bits of his "other lives" trickle into WOLVERINE, like other Avengers or X-Men? 

Paul Cornell: Yes, when it would be weird not to do so. If he needs to talk on equal terms with cops he doesn't know, of course he'll get out his Avengers ID. If he needs a science job done, of course he'll find friends who can do it. I don't like titles to be hermetically sealed against what's going on elsewhere, but I don't like them to be trailing behind that either. As far as I'm concerned, this is Wolverine's central title, where you go for your Wolverine news.

Wolverine #3 cover by Alan Davis

Marvel.com: Where do Wolverine's priorities fall in your book? Does he concern himself more with the big missions he goes on in the Avengers or does he get more emotionally involved in the missions that he gives himself, and he alone can handle?

Paul Cornell: It looks like it's going to be the latter, but we swiftly realize that it may well be the former.

Marvel.com: When Wolverine got his first ongoing series years ago, he tended to not wear his X-Men uniform on missions and even dabbled with wearing an eye-patch. Is this series more of a super hero-style Wolverine, or are there going to be appearances from espionage Wolverine or ninja Wolverine as well? 

Paul Cornell: All of the above, really. He'll wear what's best at any given moment. He's got a box full of uniforms under the bar in the back room of the Guernica pub.

You can pre-order WOLVERINE #1 now and come back Friday as Paul Cornell unpacks another aspect of Marvel’s most dangerous mutant!

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