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Marvel NOW!

Thor: Shaping the God Butcher Pt. 1

Jason Aaron begins to unravel the story of Gorr!

Thor: God of Thunder #6 preview art by Butch Guice

By Tim O’Shea

In the first five issues of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, writer Jason Aaron masterfully mapped out three eras in the Son of Odin’s history with Gorr the God Butcher. Understandably to effectively deliver such a story left little room to detail the origin of this terrifying new threat.

In THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #6, that all changes as Gorr steps into the spotlight with a story drawn by artist Butch Guice telling of his formative years.

In anticipation of this issue’s release on Wednesday, March 13, Marvel.com embarks on a three-part talk with Aaron examining the history of the character about to be unveiled. In this first installment, learn how the very building blocks of this series came from Gorr’s conception.

Marvel.com: In your first five issues, you mapped the God Butcher's path of destruction through countless worlds of gods, including Asgard. Now with issue #6, readers will learn the his origin. In terms of planning this series, had you already mapped out Gorr's story before writing the first issue of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER?

Jason Aaron: Yeah, Gorr's origin was probably the first part of this entire story that I came up with. It was definitely the first thing I pitched at the initial Marvel NOW! creative retreat. Most stories for me begin with character instead of plot or any sort of high-concept. So yeah, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER began with the idea of a God Butcher, and Gorr's full origin is a part of the tale that I've been itching to get to for quite a while now.

Thor: God of Thunder #6 preview art by Butch Guice

Marvel.com: Once Gorr becomes the God Butcher, he clearly proceeds to cause a great deal of pain. Am I right in assuming his origin reveals that Gorr suffered a great deal of pain and loss before pursuing this life?

Jason Aaron: I think that's a safe assumption, yes. One of the overall themes of this entire God Butcher story is faith and the question of whether or not our gods are worthy of it. Gorr would have one very passionate perspective on that question. And the little alien girl whose prayer Thor answered back in issue #1 would obviously have another.

Marvel.com: Regular series artist Esad Ribic is getting a break for issue #6, with the great Butch Guice settling into the artist chair. Once you realized he would be involved in revealing the origin, did you adjust the script to capitalize upon his art style?

Jason Aaron: No, there was no need for me to adjust anything. Butch is one of those guys who's drawn it all by this point. The fact that's he can go from an amazing run on the shadowy black-ops world of WINTER SOLDIER right into an otherworldly, space opera story like THOR: GOD OF THUNDER without missing a beat is a testament to how deeply talented and versatile an artist he is. I just feel lucky to have him on board.

Marvel.com: There's been an element of mystery to Gorr in the first five issues; how creatively satisfying is it to pull back the curtain and reveal his origin in issue #6?

Thor: God of Thunder #6 cover by Esad Ribic

Jason Aaron: I'm certainly excited to be reaching this part of the story, and hopefully the details of Gorr's origin will challenge readers' perception of him a bit. The most interesting and frightening villains, for me, are always the ones that I can identify or sympathize with in some sense, even as they're committing unspeakable acts. That's the direction I'm trying to head. We've really only scratched the surface with Gorr so far. We've seen glimpses of him in three different eras and now we're about to get his origin, but it's what he's going to be up to from here on out that I'm most interested in. And we get a sneak-peek of his future plans in issue #6, in addition to the origin. Let's just say, if you're a god in the Marvel Universe, you should be very afraid.

Our exploration of Gorr with Jason Aaron continues on Thursday, and you can pre-order THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #6 right now!

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