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Marvel NOW!

Thor: Shaping the God Butcher Pt. 2

Three generations of Thunder God come together under writer Jason Aaron!

Thor: God of Thunder #7 black and white preview art by Esad Ribic

By Tim O’Shea

In the first five issues of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, writer Jason Aaron masterfully mapped out three eras in the Son of Odin’s history with Gorr the God Butcher.

In anticipation of issue #6’s release on Wednesday, March 13, Marvel.com unveils a three-part talk with Aaron dealing with the second arc of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER. Today, the writer talks about how three generations will come together during “Godbomb.”

Marvel.com: King Thor may only have one eye, but his life experience gives him perspective the other incarnations lack. While a diminished shell of his former self, how critical is his knowledge as the Thors team to battle God Butcher?

Jason Aaron: I wouldn't assume he's quite that diminished. We've seen him looking pretty beaten down over the course of the first five issues, it's true, but as we start the "Godbomb" arc, King Thor has found a second lease on life, and he's not about to squander it. Remember, this guy is the All-Father of his era. He's every bit as badass and powerful as the Odin we've always seen in the Marvel U. Once that power and fighting spirit gets rekindled in King Thor, look out, as he may just be the most powerful version of Thor we've ever seen.

Marvel.com: Gorr the God Butcher has faced Thor in his various eras, but he's never faced the combined forces of Thors as he will in this upcoming arc. Is it possible that Gorr's seeming unshakable confidence will be rattled a bit when he faces a united front?

Jason Aaron: I wouldn't expect so, no. Gorr's a pretty confident guy, as he has every right to be, given the position of power he's working from in the future era of the "Godbomb." By that point in time, Gorr has gone from being a scary little guy in a cloak who traveled through the shadows killing gods with knives to being something far scarier and infinitely more powerful. As for what exactly that is, we'll just have to wait and see.

Thor: God of Thunder #7 black and white preview art by Esad Ribic

Marvel.com: Dialogue-wise, how much fun is it to have different Thor incarnations chatting with each other?

Jason Aaron: That's been the most fun part of the story, really: Having three Thors to bounce off each other. It helps that they're such distinct versions of the character. There's the arrogant and brash young Thor, god of the Vikings, who's still unworthy to lift the hammer, Mjolnir. There's old King Thor, one-eyed, one-armed All-Father of a future broken Asgard. And of course our present-day Thor, the renowned hero, the Avenger, the most famous god in all the universe. The most fun part of putting them all together is how much they all manage to so thoroughly annoy one another, which is what I imagine it would be like if I was hanging out with my 16 and 60 year old selves. Fighting-wise though, they make a pretty tough team. Two hammers and one very large axe. That's a lot of Gods of Thunder.

Marvel.com: In writing a fight scene, a writer typically does not have two characters with the strength of Thor to utilize. When we first spoke about this series in August, you said, "Thor, by definition, demands stories of a grand scale." Can it get grander in scale than to have Thunder Gods team up? How challenging is it to choreograph fight scenes of that scale and power?

Jason Aaron: Let's just say, the fights in THOR GOD OF THUNDER #9 are the most epic and—literally—world-shattering scenes I've ever written. And that's only part three of a five issue arc.

Our exploration with Jason Aaron continues tomorrow, and you can pre-order THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #6 right now!

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