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Age of Ultron

Psych Ward: Victor Mancha

The son of Ultron processes the meaning of his lineage...

By Tim Stevens

Victor Mancha is a self-identified cyborg made up of equal parts flesh and circuitry. He is very literally the child of Marianella Mancha and the villainous android Ultron as his “human side” is made up of cloned DNA from his mother and his “machine side” comes from Ultron’s hands. He presents as an adolescent male in good health and does appear to be able to grow and mature despite being his condition. He also does seem to have “normal” human needs and desires; he experiences hunger, physical attraction, and emotions to name a few examples.

The client wrestles with a possible future that saw him as a hero-turned-villain named Victorious who helped his “father” Ultron destroy the Avengers after spending years as their ally. Although it is believed this future has been averted in our timeline, a part of Mancha remains unconvinced. Having been “hacked” by both Ultron and a version of the Pride in the past to be used against his friends, he fears that it is only a matter of time before it happens again. Although the client does not present with many typical symptoms of PTSD like re-experiencing the trauma, he does at least exhibit the hyper vigilance associated with the disorder. Any sign of losing control of himself can cause panic, even though more often than not they are momentary events like stumbling from being clumsy, the floating sensation of a limb losing circulation because of positioning, or involuntary muscle spasms as the client falls asleep.

Like most adolescents, Mancha struggles with interpersonal dynamics amongst his peers. Although bound together by similar family tragedies and now shared experiences, his friends, the so-called Runaways, possess very different interests. Additionally, amongst them, he is culturally unique in that he is the only who grew up in a single parent household with a limited income.

Further complicating the bonds is that Mancha and Nico Minoru were romantically involved for a time and it remains unclear to the client how “real” that connection was and how he should feel about his role in dissolving that relationship.

Currently, therapy is focused on helping Mancha further develop his social skills, his ability to trust others to help him when he feels overwhelmed or scare, and self-acceptance.

Mancha’s next appointment will take place April 3 with Doctors Kathryn Immonen and Amilcar Pinna. Notes on the session will be available under the heading ULTRON #1AU.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Practicum Trainee who currently provides therapy and outreach at a state university.

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