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Marvel NOW!

Journey Into Mystery Monster Sketchbook Pt. 2

Valerio Schiti talks about reimagining more classic Marvel creatures!

Spragg and Goliath sketch by Valerio Schiti

By Tim O’Shea

Readers of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY know very well how much affinity the artist Valerio Schiti holds for Marvel’s classic monster era.

In part two of Schiti’s discussions of his redesigns/interpretations of these creatures, the artist acknowledges the comedic potential that he has explored thus far, as well as looking back at his use of the Ruler of Earth in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #648.

On Spragg: “Probably this is the character I changed the most. Now he’s more realistic, as much as a ‘living mountain’ could be of course. He’s more three-dimensional, his mouth is like a cavern, he has teeth made of rock and I guess he’s more threatening. But don’t ask me how he could walk because I have no clue!”

Ruler of Earth sketch by Valerio Schiti

Comparing which scene was more fun to draw, Spragg being mistaken for a parade float or Rro observing a pedestrian crosswalk in Tokyo: “Both sequences were funny but the one in Tokyo was great! When I read it I was laughing and I said to myself, ‘Ok, Kathryn wrote such a hilarious sequence, how can I intensify that?’ The only thing to do was to step aside. No strange panels, no weird angles, just three framing, the reference to the original cover of the JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY issue with Rro and the right facial expression in the final panel.”

On The Ruler of Earth: “He’s in issue #648 actually but the process is the same: the modern adaptation of a classic creature from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. At the time the general rule was: the monster is a Viking version of the old one. I deformed him a bit enhancing his disproportions but I added just some small details to suggest the Viking reference, the necklaces and the skirt. I wanted him to be recognizable as the old monster from the classic [story] just in case someone tried to search the Ruler online. Something like: ‘Oh, look who’s back!’.”

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