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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Ultimate Wolverine

A mutant revolutionary or just an angry young man?

By Tim Stevens

This report has been conducted on behalf of the United States government under newly passed guidelines requiring all those who opt not to have their genetic mutation resolved to be psychologically evaluated for danger to self and others.

James Hudson is an adolescent male who presents as in excellent physical shape. He is a self-identified mutant who has rejected the so-called cure and instead opted to live on the reservation known colloquially as “Utopia.” According to records, he is the biological son of James Howlett, the deceased mutant known by most as Wolverine. He was, however, raised by the Hudson family in Florida and had no knowledge of his father until after Wolverine’s demise.

Along with that revelation came the knowledge that he possessed a healing factor and “claws” like Howlett. He seems to have taken to this knowledge rather well despite the suddenness of it. He initially sought out others who might provide him more information and then, following Reed Richards’ attack on the U.S., quickly aligned himself with the Kitty Pryde-led mutant revolutionary force—labeled by many as terrorists—known as the X-Men. From witness reports, he occupies a place of high esteem within the organization and was arguably second in command before the creation of Utopia by the federal government.

Although the client declined to describe his role in the organization or his connection to Pryde, his attitude and presentation seems to confirm that he occupied an important role and that rumors of his romantic connection to the revolution’s leader are accurate.

In general, Hudson is strongly resistant to therapy. He has repeatedly reiterated he has no intention of discussing life on Utopia or his fellow residents there. He is, by turns, sarcastic and aggressive in his assertions that he does not need therapy and that his work with this writer is further evidence of the discrimination against mutants and the government’s attempts to de facto imprison “those that won’t fall in line.”

He is also insistent that he has no feelings regarding James Howlett. Hudson says he understands why his biological father made the choices he did and that they were the right ones. The client also claims that since he never Howlett, he feels no grief about the man’s passing. This writer saw several signs via body language and tone that would indicate the client is working hard to suppress his true emotions in this area.

While clearly disinterested in cooperating, this writer hesitates to label Hudson a danger at this time. As a tool of Pryde, he may be problematic and his temper will no doubt cause him problems as he goes through life, but that alone is not enough to justify any further interventions. I highly recommend, however, that we continue to monitor him. On the basis of his abilities and his father alone, it is not difficult to imagine the client could be a problem for a long time to come.

James Hudson will next be evaluated by Doctors Cullen Bunn and Ramon Rosanas for consensus on March 27. Please refer to the report ULTIMATE COMICS WOLVERINE #2 for their full findings.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Practicum Trainee who currently provides therapy and outreach at a state university.

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